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Which Digital Distributor is Best For Independent Artists?

If you are looking for a digital distributor, you’ve probably considered Spinnup, AWAL, and ReverbNation.

But you may have also wondered about Ditto music and Spinnup’s reputation.

If so, you’re not alone.

Many artists are having the same difficulty deciding which distributor is right for them.

The following is a breakdown of each digital distributor’s strengths and weaknesses.


AWAL is an independent digital distributor that emphasizes quality.

It puts its reputation on the line for artists who are worthy of distribution.

The company also aims to promote new artists and help them succeed.

However, this exclusive status can also be a disadvantage.

Before you sign up with AWAL, you should consider the following factors.

In the first place, the company prefers commercial musicians.

Second, it does not allow artists to retain creative control over their work.

First, AWAL does not expect every artist to have all the qualities they look for.

Its A&R people listen to the tracks to assess their potential.

In addition, they evaluate the artists based on special qualities, which might outweigh the lack of necessary qualities.

Additionally, AWAL offers delivery to over 100 digital partners in over 200 territories around the world.

Moreover, artists can sign up for this service without incurring any extra charges.

AWAL is owned by the Kobalt Music Group and works with independent artists to distribute their music to various streaming services.

It is a leading digital distributor that distributes independent music worldwide, reaching nearly 200 countries and distributing to all the major digital platforms.

However, artists must submit their music for approval before they are allowed to sign on.

However, the distribution deal can be upgraded to a distribution partnership or a full record licensing deal, including a scaled investment in PR and digital advertising, brand partnerships, and more.


ReverbNation is a digital distributor that allows artists to create a digital release and earn royalties from streaming, downloading, and performing their music.

Premium members of the site receive a discount on their setup fees and five free writer accounts.

This site is good for promoting new artists, but there are disadvantages.

One of these disadvantages is the constant push to use it.

The site is a bit overrated, but for independent artists, it can be a great resource for finding listeners and building connections.

For independent artists, ReverbNation is an ideal resource for promoting their new work.

This digital distributor helps artists reach millions of music industry professionals, as well as fans.

Artists can post their music to many different music sites, resulting in a greater opportunity for exposure and more sales.

With ReverbNation, musicians can also collaborate on songs and gain better exposure and a wider following.

In addition to helping new artists get exposure, ReverbNation also offers artist services.

Artists can sell their music directly to fans with ReverbNation Sell Direct.

With this digital distributor, artists can set the price of their single tracks.

This helps them earn more money, as they keep 87% of every sale.

Artists can even post their music to various retail apps.

This service has an affordable price tag, and it is well worth the small initial investment to promote your music and network with collaborators.

This platform also has a free basic feature.


The Spinnup digital distributor is a service that delivers music to streaming services and digital music stores.

The company boasts distribution for over 40 major stores.

Spinnup is specifically designed for unsigned artists, allowing them to gain exposure to millions of fans worldwide.

The service has helped more than 60 artists secure record deals.

However, it’s important to note that artists are not required to pay a membership fee to join.

Some of these services may charge a fee.

With Spinnup, aspiring artists can distribute their music worldwide through major streaming services and retain full royalties.

They also have access to a dedicated support team to help them navigate the sometimes complex distribution process.

For the first year of membership, the company gives its customers a free single.

This means that aspiring artists can focus on building their social media following and fan base instead of worrying about getting a record deal.

But the benefits of Spinnup far outweigh the disadvantages.

Once signed up, artists can begin uploading their music to the Spinnup website.

They can upload FLAC and WAV audio files, as well as drag-and-dropped files.

The company also requires cover art and track information.

They will review the uploaded music and disseminate it to stores.

In addition, artists can schedule pre-releases to make it easier for fans to download their music.

Once approved, Spinnup will disperse the music to the appropriate stores.

Ditto music

Ditto is an online platform for independent artists, with offices in the UK, US, and Australia.

Unlike other digital music distributors, Ditto gives artists total control of their releases, eliminating the need for a lengthy application process.

Instead, they take care of all the hard work, allowing artists to focus on talking with their fans.

Ditto also works with other distributors and aggregators to help artists sell their music.

For independent artists, Ditto’s platform gives them access to major label tools.

These include pre-ordering, chart registration, and a sales tracking interface.

Additionally, independent artists have access to over 200 outlets, ensuring that their music is available to a wide range of listeners.

Ditto also offers support for music videos.

By signing up, independent artists can take their music to the next level.

Ultimately, they can earn royalties, increase their fanbase, and increase their income.

With Ditto Music, you can deliver your music to 200 outlets, including streaming services.

This means you can get your music to more outlets and avoid wasting your time with unfriendly services.

In addition to the distribution package, the company offers other services to maximize your sales and earnings.

Among these is the PPL Airplay Royalty Registration, which allows artists to register their music for international charts.

In addition to a comprehensive music distribution package, DittoMusic also offers other services, including music publishing and marketing.


If you are an independent artist or musician with a record label, Songtradr can be a good place to sell your music.

It also works well for producers, sound engineers, advertising agencies, documentary makers, and TV networks.

This platform allows you to set your own pricing, or the platform will do it for you.

Songtradr takes 40 percent of the royalties you earn from a license.

If you are interested in using Songtradr, here are some things to know before you start.

This company connects artists and labels to buyers and makes it easy for them to manage their music assets on one platform.

Artists and music producers can easily upload, sell, and market their music on Songtradr, and they can even make their music available on the web and on mobile devices.

It also allows artists to manage all of their music assets in one place and includes free, unlimited CMS.

It has a live customer support team, so getting in touch with them is easy.

Pricing plans vary, but Songtradr does offer three affordable plans.

The Starter plan costs $0 USD per year and includes unlimited distribution, 90 percent of distribution royalties, and music management.

You can also get monetization options and basic statistics with the Pro plan.

Songtradr also offers different plans for publishers and labels, but their prices are not publicly listed.

This will depend on your needs.

For the most part, Songtradr is a great place to start if you want to sell your music online.


If you are a musician, SongCast may be the digital distributor for you.

SongCast collects information on your listening habits and preferences.

This information may include the number of times you’ve listened to a song, whether you skip tracks, and how you interact with advertisements.

They may also use this information to personalize your experience.

SongCast may also provide other benefits to music fans, such as personalized ads and playlists.

As an independent musician, your main concern is ensuring that your music is available on multiple digital distribution channels.

You cannot simply submit your music to iTunes or Spotify and hope to get a sale.

Each service requires different procedures for getting your music into different stores.

SongCast makes this process easy for you.

This enables you to make more money and measure your success.

So, if you are interested in creating a digital distribution platform for your music, get in touch with SongCast today!

With Songcast, you can get your music on iTunes.

It’s easier than ever to distribute your music online with Songcast.

You can promote your music on SongCast by linking it to your social media accounts.

SongCast also offers the chance to earn royalties from sales.

In addition to music distribution, you can also sell your music online.

With SongCast, you’ll be able to track your sales online and earn royalties each month.

Which Digital Distributor is Best For Independent Artists?

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