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What Is An Online Influencer And How Do You Use Them To Your Benefit?

What is an online influencer? An online influencer is a person or an organization that facilitates the connection between a business and its clients and audience through the medium of online intermediaries such as blogs, podcasts, vblogs and social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Influencers are usually business-minded individuals who seek to promote brands by sharing insightful content with their social networks. An influencer is usually self-proclaimed and is a strong advocate of his/her personal brand.

There are three types of influencers: professional, independent and indie. A professional influencer, also called an influencer groupie, uses blogs, articles, videos, tweets, Facebook and other platforms to promote businesses through endorsements. This helps businesses get a stronger foothold on various online communities. The third type of influencer is an independent influencer who promotes his/her own brand. He/she uses articles, videos, blogs and tweets to engage readers and help to increase brand awareness.

Influencers can become “biggable” – meaning they gain followers and fanfare within hours. It takes awhile for them to achieve this level of popularity and influence, though there are some who are able to do so in months or even weeks. Most entrepreneurs and small business owners cannot afford to ignore influencers. Engaging content around a common topic that is timely and engaging makes a great deal of sense for a company looking to communicate with its audience. Here are a few tips to help you use the power of an influencer to grow your business.

Be Careful With Your Social Media Connections An online influencer’s ability to connect with others rests largely on the strength of his or her social media contacts. Social media followers provide the necessary link-worthiness for an influencer to gain a following. While this makes them appear more ‘linkable’ to others, it can also backfire, causing an influencer to lose credibility if they are unable to deliver on their promises. Consider carefully who you connect with on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms to ensure your posts and deals are going to create the right impact.

Know Your Market What is an online influencer? Successful marketing hinges on being able to reach a targeted audience through a shared connection. When looking to hire a promotional agency to handle your marketing, always consider the reach of the company’s previous work. If you know what works for your target audience, you can hire a firm with proven experience in helping brands connect with their audience.

Work With A Social Media Platform That Suits Your Business The key to understanding what is an online influencer is knowing which social media platforms are best suited to your business opportunity. If you currently utilize multiple social media platforms, it may be time to evaluate your strategy to ensure you are optimizing all aspects of your online marketing. Many companies fail to fully maximize the potential of social media platforms, which can lead to disappointing results.

Seek A Mentor Know what is an online influencer? Successful influencers understand that their job is not to simply talk about themselves. Influencers are also mentors to their followers in a way that allows them to build strong relationships that span across social networks and the wider business world. A great way to learn about what an influencer is and how to hire a good agency is to seek a mentor through the various social media accounts a brand has. Connections between influencers and large companies such as McDonald’s have proven to be mutually beneficial, allowing the two parties to align their interests and goals for the future.

Work With A Network Plan Although influencers get paid, these individuals work more like advocates and advisers than employees. As with any other advocate or adviser, an influencer will likely come with their own set of skills and capabilities. In order to get the most out of your influencer agency, it is important to work with the right agency and network to gain the full advantage of your endorsement and recommendations. These connections are crucial to any business looking to use social media in their overall strategy.

What Is An Online Influencer And How Do You Use Them To Your Benefit?

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