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What is an Example of Influencer Marketing?

You have probably heard of companies like Dunkin’ Donuts, Target, Adidas, and Victoria Beckham, but what is an example of influencer marketing? Let’s look at one of these companies. What is it about their products that make them so appealing? How do they reach their target audience? How can they reach them without spending millions of dollars? Here are some examples. You might be surprised at the results.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Influencer marketing has several advantages for brands, including the ability to target audiences that are likely to purchase products. Dunkin’ Donuts uses social media to increase its reach and create a community of consumers who will share content. In this case, influencers can engage their followers and drive sales by promoting specific products. For example, Dunkin’ Donuts worked with influencers to promote a free donut special on Snapchat. These influencers created teaser content and directed their followers to the brand’s Snapchat account. As a result, the brand gained 10x more followers than the industry average, and generated 40,000 additional engagements.

Another way to leverage influencers is by using social media contests. By involving influencers in social media contests, Dunkin’ Donuts creates an authentic connection with customers and helps its business become known. It also posts relevant content and encourages its employees to create videos. Employees share these videos on their personal social media pages. These videos are engaging and help the company gain a higher visibility on social media.

Another example of influencer marketing is Charli D’Amelio’s partnership with Dunkin’ Donuts. She joined TikTok when the app first started and quickly became famous for her videos of her dancing and eating Dunkin’ Donuts. This partnership resulted in an increase in third-quarter sales and an increase in cold brew sales. The popularity of Charli helped Dunkin’ Donuts reach new demographics and increase its sales.

Dunkin’ Donuts also launched a new social media campaign to target its fans. Throughout October and November 2019, the company launched a contest where American consumers could create a new donut for a chance to win $12,000. The winning donut will then be sold in Dunkin’ Donuts locations. Dunkin did this by creating an epic movie trailer style video and distributing it on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The video’s popularity helped the brand launch several new products, including a customizable coffee and pumpkin baked goods.

Another example of influencer marketing is Snapchat. The brand partnered with YouTuber Jeana Smith to create a special video for milestone check-ins. The video included a surprise dance party. The video has received more than 5 million views. Its influencer marketing strategy has benefited many brands in similar industries. There are several benefits to influencer marketing. In the end, it will help your business grow!


A leading Israeli drinks company is leveraging the power of influencers to reach a new audience. They recently created a campaign featuring a spoof Game of Thrones scene. This campaign went viral, and even became a worldwide sensation. The brand has also worked with celebrities to create content. SodaStream teamed up with actress Mayim Bialik to create a video incorporating the brand.

For example, in one campaign, SodaStream engaged with social media stars by collaborating with the micro-influencer community. The brand used videos and daily Instagram stories to generate interest. The content positioned the brand as an “insider secret” and a way to escape the crowds at Whistler. Influencer marketing campaigns are particularly useful for smaller brands because they provide a competitive edge when it comes to reaching the right audience.

Influencer marketing works well when the influencers are not sponsored by a brand or a third party. The influencers’ content is unfiltered and may be inappropriate for the target audience. To ensure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, you must carefully vet each influencer. Check out their online activity to see if their voice fits the tone of your brand. Additionally, be sure to comply with the FTC guidelines on sponsored social media campaigns. Ensure that the influencers are prepared to monitor any content they post.

Influencers’ posts on their own sites and those of other brands can be a good way to educate and engage their audience. They can even be used as a promotional campaign, generating buzz in advance of a product launch. For a more sustained marketing campaign, guest-blogging can be a weekly or biweekly practice. For example, the company could collaborate with popular cartoon characters, like Dora the Explorer, to create videos that highlight the products they create.

The benefits of influencer marketing are long-term. A successful influencer marketing campaign can increase brand awareness by gaining additional exposure for both the brand and the influencer. By relying on the expertise of influencers, marketers can expect a $6.50 return on every dollar spent. It also helps to ensure the influencers’ content is amplified and measured effectively. If you want your influencer marketing to be a success, you must prepare yourself.

Victoria Beckham Target

For her recent capsule collection with Target, Victoria Beckham used targeted influencer marketing to promote her collection. The collection broke the company’s record for design partnership sales, and featured the brand in multiple fashion publications and a celebrity preview party. Target leveraged influencers across social media, including mommy bloggers and fashion influencers. Each of these influencers posted one to four photos of the collection on Instagram, which allowed viewers to instantly purchase the items.

With her celebrity status, Beckham has access to a huge online audience, making her a valuable celebrity endorsement. This collaboration has already been the subject of countless media coverage, including New York Magazine and Refinery29. As a busy businesswoman, mother, and model, Victoria Beckham has plenty of influence and will be an effective marketing tool. Target’s social media presence, however, can go far beyond the traditional advertising methods.

The brand commissioned influential fashion bloggers and style influencers to post their favorite pieces on Instagram. This strategy aligned the content with the right channels and made it easier to reach their target audience. By using Instagram, Victoria Beckham won the distribution game and exceeded its sales goals. But what’s next for Victoria Beckham? Hopefully her latest collection will be a hit in China. If so, it’s a good sign for her brand.

Aside from celebrity endorsements, target-loyal consumers may also be present in social media. For instance, a fashion blogger may have a number of followers, which can be nurtured and developed into a lasting relationship. Another example of a brand’s influence is a beauty blogger mentioning a product on Instagram. These bloggers can be turned into influencers if they continue to mention the brand through their posts.


If you’re not familiar with influencer marketing, you may be surprised to learn that it is a rapidly growing industry. One example of how influencers can increase sales is the emergence of a new television show called Tango Squad FC. The program stars a team of street footballers, sourced from a network of micro-influencers. The show, which aired on ESPN, was a hit, featuring episodes lasting eight minutes to 40 minutes. The show also featured several popular influencers, including Karlie Kloss, Brian Alcazar, Tyler Glickman, Seth Fowler, Brandon Jenkins, Lexias Rother, and Lexias Rother.

In order to reach their target audience, Adidas turned to influencer marketing to build a brand image that embodied its values. They used social media to bring out the true essence of a brand, including a message of diversity and individuality. For example, they engaged singers and musicians from around the world to create a campaign based on the Black Lives Matter movement. In the case of Adidas, the results were phenomenal.

Another example of influencer marketing is a denim brand that used influencers to create an impression that their products were accessible to everyone. In this case, the brand partnered with popular Instagram accounts and leveraged their influence to increase brand awareness and sales. The brand’s campaign, titled #iamdenim, featured a collaborative design project, where “real” people (not model stars) created the clothing. The content aired on social media garnered over 8,000 likes and shares. The video content featuring influencer Teesh Rosa received more than 355,000 views.

Another example of influencer marketing is Zara, an online clothing retailer that raked in $2.3 billion in profits in 2015. For example, it has collaborated with top Instagram accounts to launch its new clothing line, “Selena Gomez Loves Adidas,” which resulted in an impressive 24.2% increase in sales within one year. Meanwhile, Nike saw its sales drop by 9%. However, influencer marketing does not work for every brand.

What is an Example of Influencer Marketing?

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