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What is Amazon Influencer?

What is Amazon Influencer Marketing? It is a new concept that enables businesses to promote themselves through the Amazon marketplace. The concept was created by Tony Banister and Michael Gerber. This is a joint venture between Amazon and four prominent online entrepreneurs: Helen Pantene, Matthew McConnahea, Mike Dillard and Keith Harrow. Amazon has not disclosed the amount they invested in this joint venture.

Amazon Influencer Marketing allows Amazon vendors to associate their products with their websites, blogs and video channels to have their products in front of targeted audiences of their choosing. They are rewarded for every action their chosen influencers take. If an Amazon seller has an attractive offer or an affiliate program related to a product marketed by the vendor, then the affiliate receives a commission. If the marketer has a solid following then they can earn more. In return, the vendor benefits because their sales go up and the marketer benefits because of the visibility to their followers.

Every action a user takes such as liking or sharing a status update, shopping, or searching, places the user’s Amazon Affiliate ID into the Amazon Services database. From there, when the user clicks the link to the affiliate product from one of the web pages that have been placed in the Amazon Services directory then their Amazon Affiliate ID is taken into the Amazon Vanity URL, which helps the vendor advertise on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and several other social media pages. This works the same way for an affiliate marketer.

How does Amazon promote itself through these web pages? There are several ways. One way is through vanity links, which simply put a link to the Amazon website in your social media profile bio or Facebook page description. These vanity links can be tracked so the marketer will know how many people clicked through from their social media profiles. Amazon will also pay commission based on the total number of clicks from these links.

Another way is through the recommendations offered by Amazon Influencers. When users submit recommendations for products or services through the Amazon website or via the Amazon Services directory then their Amazon Affiliate ID is captured. The user then has the option to monetize their recommendations by converting a percentage of sales from their recommendations to actual commissions. This is a great way for social media influencers to earn commissions from their recommendations. Amazon also pays commission on the sale price of the product or service recommended.

Some marketers have even found that making their own video advertisements can be a good way to earn commission from the recommendations of Amazon Influencers. They make a short video explaining what the product or service being sold is all about and then offer to share the link with their followers on their social media platforms. This is a good way to start earning money as an affiliate. It can take some time to work up to the level of the Amazon Influencers but it does provide an extra source of income.

There are other ways that an interested marketer can get involved in the Amazon Affiliate program. Amazon offers tutorials that show how to make the most out of the social media networking platform. They also offer courses and training on ways to use the tools on the platform. Amazon also has its own marketplace where interested social media influencers can sign up to get access to the best affiliates who are cashing in on the recommendations of their fans.

With such a huge fan base and an easy way to earn commissions, the Amazon Influencer program is proving to be one of the biggest platforms for earning money from recommendations today. However, before joining the affiliate program, marketers need to ensure that they have the skills and experience to help their followers make the right decisions when it comes to recommending products or services. They also need to spend the time to fully understand how the system works. But with the right guidance and tools, they will have everything they need to get started and begin cashing in on the recommendations of their fans. And with the right training, they will be able to easily master the system and begin earning their commissions while enjoying their work at the same time.

What is Amazon Influencer?

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