What is a Virtual Influencer?

A virtual influencer, also known as a social media user or an SMM practitioner, is a computer generated fictional character which is employed in social networking marketing as a replacement for a real human “influencers”. Influencers are usually teenagers, professional women and/or business owners who use social networks to attract new customers. They are famous online users who enjoy using online social media channels for making friends, connecting with people and generally making their living on the internet. The use of influencers in online marketing is increasingly popular in a way that marketing companies can take advantage of. In this article we will explore what is a virtual influencer and why companies should use them in order to market online.

Basically what is a virtual influencer? This is a computer-generated character which is made up of two elements. First the influencer will have a strong opinion about a specific product or a service. In essence the more popular the opinion, the more likely the computer generated character will be talked about by other internet users and tweet about it. The second element is that the character must be believable and computer-generated people are not (and do not need to be) necessarily smarter than real people; they can only be as “semi-smart” as the software they are running on.

So what is a virtual influencer and what kind of businesses can benefit from using this strategy? Companies who want to use social media to grow their brand can do so by hiring a computer-generated person known as a miquel. Miquelas are persons who are essentially celebrities on the computer who use their own real names on online social media channels in the hopes of gaining followers who believe them to be influential figures. It stands to reason that if one of these characters has a strong opinion about a particular product/service, other users who follow them on Twitter and Facebook will likely tweet about it as well.

Nowadays, there are a number of different ways for companies to hire the services of virtual influencers. Many companies create mini sites (known as microbloggers) where they can host a company’s Twitter account. Then, every time a tweet or comment happens on the microblog, their Twitter account will automatically update its link to their main blog/website, or vice versa. This allows the tweeter(s) to interact directly with real people and businesses, something which was virtually impossible just a few short years ago. If you are wondering what is a virtual influencer, this is the best method for engaging your target audience without having to actually meet or talk with anyone face-to-face.

But how can a company take advantage of what is a virtual influencer? Well, for one thing, a lot of small and medium businesses do not have a dedicated marketing department. Therefore, when it comes to social marketing, they must rely on the expertise of the people within their own company. By hiring someone within your company as a social media director, you gain access to a highly skilled professional who knows how to market products in the most effective way. Not only that, but because your campaign is hosted on the microblog, it becomes a highly visible marketing campaign that you can easily share with your existing marketing team. This helps any small business establish a strong online presence, while also helping increase the visibility of your brand.

However, how can small businesses take advantage of what is a virtual influencer? The answer is to find a way for you to get in the same room as these media personalities. Most microbloggers have large followings, and if you reach them through your company’s Twitter account, then you have the potential to gain quite a bit of exposure for your company. Also, many virtual influencers post links to any valuable resources they have available on their website, such as eBooks or reports. When your followers click on those links, you will see a little animation featuring you and your company. While this may not seem very professional at first, it can get a lot of people interested in your product, and in turn, promote it within their own social media platforms.

Because most of the traffic that these experts get is from other consumers, your messages should be geared towards them first. Asking what is a virtual influencer is important, because in order to get the most out of your advertising, you must keep it relevant to what consumers in your industry are talking about. A great way to do this is by knowing what these individuals are talking about on a regular basis. If you are able to know what is a virtual influencer in your field, then you can incorporate that information into your marketing campaign.

In conclusion, what is a virtual influencer is a key element in the world of social media marketing. The right content can drive massive amounts of interest within a relatively short period of time. By staying connected to those consumers who are looking to learn more about what is a virtual influencer, you will be able to increase your revenue streams greatly. Additionally, it can help you make the connections needed to ensure that your content reaches a wider audience. So if you are stuck for ideas, make sure you keep up with the latest trends and get involved in the conversation going on in your industry. With the right content, you could be well on your way to the top!

What is a Virtual Influencer?