What is a Social Influencer?

Social Influencer Marketing is a unique type of online marketing involving product placements and endorsements from influential individuals, organizations and influencers who have an alleged expert status in a given field or niche. These individuals are typically connected to one or more networks, where they can easily be found or discovered. They are considered influencers because they regularly engage in discussions on various topics with different users and entities in the online community. These conversations often center around a common theme or common targets, topics that the group supports or believes in. Thus, these people serve as a channel for online marketers to promote their products or services to interested users in their target market.

However, not all social media influencers share the same objectives. Some use their influence to advertise their businesses or products, while others use the platform to simply build relationships with their audience. Being aware of the difference allows you to choose the best options for your business. Here are some of the different objectives shared by different influencers:

Branding – A popular objective among social media influencers is to brand themselves as experts in their own right. Therefore, they seek to build strong relationships with their followers so that they can brand themselves as industry mentors. As their followers grow in size, they can also take the initiative to mentor those who are new to the industry, offering them good advice and insightful content to help them grow. Thus, what is a social influencer is always finding ways to extend their reach to their audience by building solid relationships with their target audience.

Leads – Another important objective of social media influencers is to find ways to drive traffic to their website. This is done by engaging in conversation within the communities on their pages. They do this through commenting or by offering information related to the niche that they promote.

Branding – In marketing work, what is a social influencer? They are those who use social media to improve their overall brand awareness among their target audience. By taking the time to create positive content that is targeted towards their niche, they give themselves an opportunity to build a strong reputation among their followers. Thus, what is a social media influencer is about building relationships among followers while also striking back at those who abuse their trust. Thus, it’s about gaining control over one’s social reputation rather than just merely manipulating it. By doing this, they help build long-term business relationships that will benefit their brand in the long run.

Connections – One of the objectives of what is a social influencer is to help establish connections among individuals and groups they are promoting and connecting with. One good example of a company that could gain from these connections would be the media company, Jezebel. They have a Twitter account for people to get to know them better and, most importantly, to purchase products. As a result of this connection, those who are following them on Twitter can also purchase things through the Jezebel website. Therefore, what is a social media influencer is all about building long-term business relationships that will yield positive results.

Advertising – As previously mentioned, what is a social influencer is more about using social networks to make money than promoting a product or service directly. The people who engage in this strategy tend to do so because it allows them to make money on the Internet by driving traffic and generating leads. A good example of a company that benefits greatly from this would be Jusuru. While the company does not directly sell products, what is a social influencer is about giving individuals and companies free information so that they are encouraged to buy.

Branding – If you look at what is a social influencer, you will realize that a lot of companies use them to build brands. For example, YouTube is one of the largest social media sites today. A company who becomes popular on one of the largest video sites can greatly benefit because of that exposure. Thus, what is a social media influencer is a brand in itself.

What is a Social Influencer?