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What is a Micro Influencer?

If you ask the average person what is a micro influencer, they will likely tell you that it is someone who uses social media to help promote their brand or product. However, this is not necessarily true. Microinfluencers can be anyone from anywhere in the industry who is using social marketing to promote their company. Their job is to increase brand awareness by engaging their audience on an individual level.

So what is a micro influencer anyway? At the most basic level, micro-influencers are social media users with between 10K – 50K followers. This number could range depending on who you chat with, but here’s a quick rundown of the major influencer categories:

The number one benefit to being a micro influencer is that you are able to connect with a highly targeted audience that shares some of your key characteristics and values. It can also be incredibly rewarding because of all of the followers that you can potentially gain. The most common route that micro-influencers take is to connect with other Twitter users. They then start sharing tweets about their products, or services, or anything else that interests them. These followers can range from people who are following you just to see what you are up to or they may actually be interested in what you are promoting.

There are several ways to find micro influencers to work with. One way is to join various groups on Twitter. Within these groups, you will find many users who are interested in your niche but maybe not all of them will be as actively participating as you would like. You can use this knowledge to your advantage and target users who will be more likely to purchase your product based on what they see. A great way to do this is to post links to products within your niche so that you can direct interested followers to click on them.

Another great method for what is a micro influencer, is to purchase followers who are interested in your business. Many companies opt to do this when they realize that their competitors have many loyal followers and have given them an identity on Twitter. When you purchase followers, you are essentially giving them a leg up on the competition by giving them access to your brand as well as offering a higher engagement level with other users. This can be effective if you have a business that has recently been released or is just starting out. You can buy a higher amount of followers who are highly targeted and more likely to purchase what you are selling.

Twitter itself allows you to find micro-influencers through the search tool available in your account. All you need to do is type in a search term related to your niche and you will be given a list of relevant tweets containing the words that you have chosen. If you notice a trend of tweets that relate to your niche, you should definitely follow on the person and have a conversation with them. From there, you can start to build relationships and potential customer loyalty through the power of Twitter.

Twitter also allows you to use “retweeting” as a means for what is a micro-influencer, building on your brand by sharing important information with your followers. Many influencers have great Twitter followings and use this platform to share valuable information with their followers, gaining new customers and higher engagement levels. Just as you can find micro-influencers within your industry through the use of Twitter search, you can also find influencers within your industry by engaging with them on Twitter. When you share information with your followers that is helpful to them, you can gain loyal followers and engagement levels that will help your business grow.

Twitter is unique in that it allows you to build relationships with your followers and gain insight and ideas from your followers. However, because this is an online platform, it can also be used to spread misinformation. If you see a tweet that you deem to be false or misleading, simply block the person’s account. This can help you gain the trust of your followers and prevent what is a micro-influencer from impacting your brand and what is a great customer relationship. The power of Twitter can be utilized to benefit your online marketing efforts.

What is a Micro Influencer?

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