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What Are Some Examples of Digital Products?

Digital products are intangible and sold over the Internet.

This type of product doesn’t include physical products sold online, digital subscriptions, or software as a service.

Instead, these products are consumed via electronic devices, usually through digital files or streamable content.

The types of products available are incredibly varied, but here are some examples.

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If you have a Shopify store, then you’ve probably heard of Plugins.

They are applications that are designed to do certain tasks.

For example, you can sell WordPress plugins or digital books.

Then, you can integrate them into your products.

This way, you can offer your customers more than one thing.

Plugins can be integrated with other software programs, such as WooCommerce.

Plugins make it easy to sell anything on your website, from WordPress themes to WordPress plug-ins.

A WordPress e-commerce plugin can turn your website into a digital product store.

These plugins can sell anything, from eBooks to software.

The best plugins can integrate with your blog’s theme, and even have a shopping cart so customers can buy more than one product.

Easy Digital Downloads supports multiple payment methods, including PayPal, Stripe, and Amazon.

There are also lots of themes that can support digital products.

Stock photography

Digital products have become a part of daily life for most people.

Using a camera phone to take pictures has become so easy and popular that a never-ending supply of images pours into stock photography agencies.

With the sheer variety, it’s hard for customers to choose which images to buy.

However, there are some ways to narrow down the choices.

Here are five ways to choose the right images:

  • Digital products like stock photography are created by photographers and sold to businesses.
  • These images are purchased through various licensing models.
  • A good example of this is stock footage, which is a form of stock photography.
  • Whether it’s an image for a website or a poster for a store, stock photography is the way to go.
  • The industry has grown and evolved over the years, with three main types of imagery available.

Stock photos are widely used for marketing and business purposes, rather than for decorating.

People and other activity-based photos are popular.

They are not as popular for decorating home pages as landscapes and artsy shots of flowers but can be a great way to build your fanbase.

In addition to making money with your photography, you can also promote it using social media.

The key is to know your market and develop a strong brand.

Graphic design

Graphic design is used in everything visual and helps with the selling of products and ideas.

Graphic designers work with both digital and manual tools to improve the effectiveness of marketing materials.

They help create logos, websites, and packaging, and can also be found in digital products.

Whether used for print or digital products, graphic design is an essential part of branding a company.

It can also be referred to as visual communication design or visual identity design.

As the internet changed the way we communicate and interacted, the focus of graphic design shifted from print media to the web.

Digital design involves more movement.

Digital designers can use animation, and 2D and 3D modeling to create dynamic designs.

The end result is a digital product that engages the user.

Creating an interactive experience, which is user-friendly, will increase brand recognition and increase conversions.

But despite the change in medium, graphic design will always be used in digital products.

Using graphic design for marketing is essential for establishing a distinct tone and style for a product.

It sets the mood and identity of a company and creates a “wow” factor.

It helps differentiate a brand from competitors and engenders a connection with the client.

Using graphics will enhance a brand’s image and increase sales.

So how is graphic design used in digital products?


As streaming and downloads of music grow, the digital market for music products has become more competitive.

While revenue from actual music downloads dropped by 20.5% in 2018, the growing popularity of streaming and downloads has created an additional market for music.

In addition to serving music lovers, audio products are also useful for broadcasters, artists, filmmakers, and B2B companies.

Musicians and artists can sell music files through streaming services.

Digital products are a great way to start a side business or create an e-commerce empire.

You can sell anything, including music, on your website, or through an app, without having to keep replenishing inventory or worrying about how to deliver it to customers.

Another advantage to digital products is that they are limitless, so there’s no need to keep replenishing inventory.

Plus, most people already use these products and don’t need to purchase them again.


The advent of digital technology has led to new forms of creativity, including the development of fonts.

The first digital font was designed by Rudolf Hell in the 1980s for his Digiset machine.

While his Digiset machine required points of light to represent characters, the font he created was a sans serif.

While bitmap fonts back then were often blocky and had to cope with the low resolution of early PC monitors, Hell’s creation looked much more attractive and modern than his predecessors.

The LFO store, for example, offers a curated collection of sounds from leading synthesizers.

This catalog also includes sample packs, hardware synths, effects, and other digital products.

One of the most popular types of digital products to sell online are fonts.

As design trends shift and consumers are constantly looking for fresh typefaces, font creators can make a profitable business selling their fonts as downloads.

A popular font for the Mac is Univers.

This is a combination of Univers and Helvetica, which is a scalable vector format.

The font is very easy to read even on a low-resolution screen.

Despite these shortcomings, Myriad has become one of the most popular digital fonts.

It’s also the font used for the Apple graphical user interface.

Aside from UNIX, Verdana is another popular typeface and is used by countless people for text.

Software apps

Almost every business has the software.

Even non-business users use software to learn new things, entertain themselves, or do other tasks.

As the world becomes more digital, more people are using software for business and pleasure.

Mobile apps are more popular than web applications.

One example is Amazon’s shopping app, which is highly user-friendly and generates huge revenues for the company.

This trend is likely to continue.

Software apps are a great way to earn money in a growing industry.

A digital product is any product that exists online without a physical form.

They include video files, audio files, gif or animated images, and software apps.

They can also include any other digital file that consumers can download to their computers.

They are also very popular with consumers and are an excellent way to target the right audience for your business.

They can help your business thrive.

But before you can start making money, it’s important to understand how to create an online storefront.

What Are Some Examples of Digital Products?

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