Top Video Ad Networks

Top Video Ad Networks

If you are interested in using video to promote your website or other online business, then you should consider partnering with one of the top video ad networks. Some of the top ones include Amobee, Teads, AdColony, and SpotXchange. These networks are very popular and offer a variety of services. The quality of these networks’ services and their reputation for innovation makes them worth using.


The video ad network SpotXchange has received $12 million in its first institutional funding, led by H.I.G. Growth Partners. While it has been operating for several years, the company has only recently received institutional funding. In 2008, the company raised an undisclosed amount of angel funding. It is now growing at a fast rate, with revenue consistently exceeding estimates. SpotXchange has partnered with some of the largest names in digital performance solutions, including DoubleVerify, to help ensure that their inventory is completely free of non-human traffic.

The company is leveraging the largest cross-platform database of video viewership to deliver video ads to specific audiences, on a per-impression basis. Publishers benefit from highly optimized targeting, the ability to maximize the value of their inventory, and the robust infrastructure provided by SpotXchange. SpotXchange’s transparent video ad platform allows publishers to execute direct deals and manage campaigns programmatically. With this, publishers are able to maximize yield on their video inventory and get the highest CPMs from their ad campaigns.


Innovid is an independent ad platform that delivers personalized converged TV ads and measurable video impressions. According to Innovid’s recent report, CTV will account for nearly half of global video impressions by 2021, up from 39% in 2016. Mobile will see a decline of about 10 percent in that year, while CTV will grow more than twice as fast.

Innovid is one of the leading video ad networks, having built a platform for interactive pre-roll and post-roll ads that deliver 5 percent CTRs. They work with premium publishers, video ad networks, and tech platforms to serve interactive cross-screen placements. AdExchanger sat down with Innovid’s CEO to assess the video ads ecosystem.


The Teads video ad network is a global publisher-based video advertising network. Its editorial-quality content is designed to deliver maximum viewability to users. Teads specializes in mobile-optimized creatives and contextual targeting for maximum reach. With a global reach of over 66% on target, Teads is committed to providing publishers and advertisers with quality video advertising at scale. Teads’ ad solutions and products are supported by publishers, advertisers, and agencies alike.

The Teads video ad network is a global publisher with over 60 websites. The company is expanding rapidly and is currently hiring. Job opportunities are available in major US cities. Positions are open in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, New York, and Cincinnati. Teads is hiring for ad sales and operations positions throughout the country. If you’re interested in joining the Teads team, apply today.


One of the top video ad networks for mobile, and among the top in-app video ad networks, the AdColony Network is home to hundreds of millions of consumers. Its partnerships with top mobile publishers such as CBS Mobile, Playfirst, EnFlick, MADFINGER Games, and Ricochet Labs have allowed it to reach millions of consumers globally. As of this writing, AdColony has won a Readers’ Choice Award, which was voted by AdWeek’s readership. This recognition shows that the advertising community supports the company’s brand, and the network plans to keep up that positive reputation.

To ensure the safety of your ads and your brand, the AdColony publisher operations team conducts due diligence on both the publisher and app classifications. Its Pixalate Media Ratings Terminal is a valuable tool that helps advertisers monitor brand-safety and IVT risks. Its quality in mobile in-app advertising also has earned AdColony a reputation as one of the most reliable video ad networks for mobile.

Verizon Media

Oath, formerly known as Verizon Media, provides a range of services for publishers and advertisers. Its video solution includes yield optimization, demand forecasting, and performance insights. It also offers a simplified video ad sales process. The company has invested in security features, brand safety tools, and video content syndication services, making it easier for publishers to reach consumers. The company also offers a free video ad server for publishers.

AOL’s subsidiary, Verizon Media, is one of the most popular networks, reaching more than 900 million people each month. Its demand-side platform, which has integrated premium and programmatic inventory, provides advertisers with flexibility in ad placements. Its recent addition of Smartplay Prebid allows advertisers to choose ad placements across various video ad formats. SpotX, recently acquired by Magnite, has a large footprint in the industry and serves three billion video ads per month.


In June 2010, Hulu was the most popular online destination for viewing video ads, with 566 million views, more than Tremor Media’s 524 million. BrightRoll ranked third, with 333 million views, and Microsoft Sites was fourth with 222 million views. Together, these networks reached nearly 46 percent of the US population. Overall, Hulu delivered 24.2 video ads per viewer.

Hulu is also introducing choice-based ads, whereby viewers can choose between one long ad or a series of short ads. Depending on the time they spend watching a show, they can see three or six ads in a row. The ads may be as short as 90 seconds, but Hulu will only show them for up to 240 seconds. The new policy has already benefited users of the network, who can choose which ad to watch and which they don’t.

Top Video Ad Networks