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Top Native Ad Networks

Top Native Ad Networks

There are many reasons to use one of the top native ad networks. Sharethrough is one of the largest native ad networks. Its mission is to preserve the open web, and its technology provides the best non-intrusive ads possible. Sharethrough is an industry leader and provides the tools you need to make the best ads. While you might not have any creative experience, you can still create effective ads with minimal effort.


One of the top native ad networks, Taboola is a recommendation engine that powers the open web. By creating ads that blend in with the experience of your audience, you can increase brand awareness and online sales. The Taboola platform leverages artificial intelligence technology to make sure your ads are relevant to your audience. Currently, the company works with over 13,000 advertisers and 500 million unique visitors every month.


Unlike other native ad networks, Outbrain is known for its quality traffic. You can use its retargeting and content recirculation features to reach your target audience. The network offers publishers different ad formats, including video and native ads on AMP pages. You can also create custom ad groups to target specific audiences within your site. But if you’re looking for an affiliate marketing network, Outbrain might not be for you.


In order to become a publisher with Revcontent, you must have a website with at least 50,000 monthly visitors. The site must also be relevant to the Revcontent network, and you must be careful not to publish anything objectionable. As with any other publisher, you should follow all the guidelines laid out by Revcontent, so that the ads you display are relevant to your website. You should also have original and fresh content. You should be aware of the copyright laws, as Revcontent is extremely strict about these. Even spelling mistakes will not be accepted.


Plista is a global platform for data-driven native advertising, bringing together publishers and advertisers. Its proprietary real-time recommendation technology delivers content and advertising that is relevant to users and displays across all devices. The network offers over 3,000 publishers and advertisers from around the world a single source of native solutions. Its high-quality pop-under format enables publishers to track and measure conversions across the entire sales funnel, and its minimum bids are easy to control.


Emails are the default form of communication on the web. Compared to other media, email is highly engaging and cross-platform. Using LiveIntent to advertise on premium newsletters, brands can reach 187 million email addresses. Advertisers must approve their ads before they appear on the newsletter. LiveIntent offers a range of tools for advertisers to create, test, and optimize email campaigns.

Amazon Native Ads

When it comes to online advertising, native advertising is growing in popularity. The reason is that audiences are increasingly annoyed with banners and other forms of interruption, as well as a decrease in attention spans. Advertisers have tried to minimize these disruptions by creating amusing or even controversial content. However, audiences have caught on to these tricks, and they are now focusing on content that speaks to their interests and fulfills immediate needs. For example, an ad for a real estate agent is going to have more impact on a person looking to buy their first house than an advertisement for a Subaru Forester SUV.


Nativo is a leading ad network for publishers, designed specifically for big publishers in the US, UK and Canada. This native advertising platform offers publishers unprecedented control over their traffic flow and enables advertisers to build meaningful relationships with audiences. The technology that underpins Nativo’s platform enables content marketers to create targeted campaigns that boost sales, revenue and audience engagement. Users can target ads based on their interests, location or device type.

Top Native Ad Networks

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