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How to Find What Social Media Sites Someone is On

Are you curious how to find what social media sites someone is on? You may have noticed that as you browse through your MySpace or Facebook account a list of friends appears and at times it is hard to know just who those are. Some of them are definitely the people you recognize from work or school, but others could be your relatives or friends that you haven’t met before. In this article I will give you an easy way to view who any particular person on social media sites are and also reveal their address.

The easiest way to find out who a person is by typing their name into any of the popular search engines. When you do this enter the person’s name that you are wanting to find into the box that comes up. Then hit search and you will be given a list of links to view the person’s profile page. At times you will see that additional information may be available such as where they went to school, where they live etc. Once you see these click on them to read more about the person.

So now you know how to find what social media sites someone is on, what information do you need to look at? Well obviously the first thing you want to look for is does the person have any pictures on their profile? Now you can do a search for that particular social media site and look through the pictures and see if there are any comments that you can click on. At times these comments can give you some very useful information.

Another good way of tracking down someone on social media sites is simply using the person’s name and doing a search for it. What you are going to find out is how many other people are also using the same name. You can then do a search using that name to see how many social media sites the name is associated with. This is a good way of tracking down a person because usually those who use their real name will keep their profile private and those that use a nickname or a screen name will not. This means you will not be seeing a ton of profiles but if you are specific about what you want and only view profiles of certain types of people you may be able to view the information you are looking for.

You should also make sure that you take the persons age into consideration when doing this. Some people may be more careful with the information they post online than they would be with their real life. However, if you do find information online that seems questionable you want to report that person to the proper authorities. This could be someone who is a sex offender or someone who has committed another crime.

How to find what social media sites a person is on is not just limited to how popular the sites are. It is also helpful to do a quick Google search in the person’s name to see what comes up. If you do not get any information then there may be a problem. If the person you are investigating uses the name of their partner when making posts on a social media site you may want to take that as a warning that their partner may be posting things online.

Another way how to find what social media sites a person is on is to do a search in the person’s name on one of the major search engines. See how much information comes up. Is there a lot of information? If so try another search engine and see what happens. Chances are the person you are looking for has their profile page on a site like Facebook or MySpace.

So now that you know how to find what social media sites someone is on, all you have to do is go to the site they use and follow the links in their profile. You will be able to see pretty much anyone who uses that account. Now all you have left to do is begin communicating with them and start building up a friendly relationship with them. Once you do that you can then ask them on their birthday or anniversary how to find what social media sites they are on and get all of the information you need to set up an online relationship.

How to Find What Social Media Sites Someone is On

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