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How To Find Micro Influencers For Your Brand

Are you wondering how to find micro influencers? Micro influencers are online users with a small following who can help your business by providing a voice and contributing to your customer’s experiences on Facebook. Here are 5 proven strategies to getting your business and your brand seen through this highly influential online platform.

  • Your company page should be all about your brand. There are many ways to incorporate a custom page for your company, but if you want to reach the widest range of audience possible, you should stick to one core concept and include that on your page. Keep the focus of your page on what your company offers, rather than including other pages for other segments of your audience. The micro-influencers will begin to notice you and your company and will begin engaging with you, which is the goal of any marketing campaign. When you include a series of videos on your website or blog, add the appropriate hashtags to engage with your audience. In addition to reaching people who have found you already, this engagement can help you build relationships with new customers as well.
  • Know how to find micro-influencers. There are several tools available to help with this task. The most common is a hash tag search, which searches each of the leading social networks to see which brands or pages are being linked to by another page or post. You will likely want to join several of the most popular networks, such as Twitter and Facebook. Look through your followers’ feeds to find mentions of your brand and include these mentions in your posts to promote future engagements.
  • Another way of how to find micro influencers is through instagram. Instagram is the second most popular social network, behind only Facebook, and millions of users use it daily. It is also very popular among businesses because it allows them to reach a targeted audience directly. If you are able to create a professionally looking account with high quality images that reflect your products or services, you will likely benefit from instagram influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Keyword searches are a great way of finding potential influencers. A keyhole search is a search that gives you a snapshot of what certain key phrases people are typing into the search engine to find your product. This means that if someone searches for “dog food” on google, there is a chance that one of your keywords may show up in the results. Keyhole searches allow you to target audiences based on what they are searching for.
  • A very powerful tool that you can use in your instagram campaign is hashtags. hashtags are simply keywords that you can put into your instagram images so that you can find more engagement and attention. When you use hashtags, you can tell different users that you want to see their comments on a specific image, and you can request that their engagement be turned into a caption on your picture. For example, if I was in the market for a new engagement ring, I would search for “engagement rings” in the hashtag. From the engagement rings that showed up in the search, I could request that they be converted into a caption on my instagram photo.
  • A great way of how to find micro influencers is by using YouTube and vlogs. Many companies hire individuals or small teams of individuals to make small videos that they can then submit to YouTube. These videos are then syndicated throughout the internet, so any one can see them. However, this method is not effective because it only targets a small segment of the population. For example, if there are five million people who watch YouTube, you will not be able to target this group of people and get their engagement. However, by targeting the micro influencers within this population, you will be able to expose your product or service to these targeted audiences.

The real key to learning how to find micro-influencers is by knowing how to target your hashtags in an effective manner. For example, if I am trying to target engagement with a certain brand, I will post a picture of my engagement ring on my instagram to help people begin to understand the importance of this ring. If I am looking for a new client, then I will use the same hashtag in my ad. This will help me to find customers that want what I have to offer by targeting the appropriate audience.

How To Find Micro Influencers For Your Brand

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