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How Effective Is Social Media Advertising?

According to a latest report by Deltek Consumer Insights, social media is now one of the most powerful digital channels at businesses disposal. In fact, 35 percent of the marketers surveyed categorized social media advertising as the very best channel for their business above other traditional search engine optimization and personalization techniques. The survey also revealed that businesses who use social media are seeing greater returns on investment than their counterparts. The report also pointed out some of the key take-away points for businesses to improve their social media marketing:

  • Branding is very important in any type of business and especially so in the case of e-commerce. According to Social Marketing Report, companies who engage in social media have a stronger brand identity because customers are able to easily identify them. Consumers can easily relate to the content created by a company as it is all about how it caters to their specific needs and requirements. Moreover, it makes them feel important and valued hence increasing the likelihood of making repeat sales.
  • Businesses need to create compelling copywriting that engages consumers on a personal level. This is because most people view online advertisements, reviews and blogs through the lenses of a friend or professional writer. Therefore, companies who fail to create compelling copywriting are at a severe disadvantage when it comes to their efforts of how effective is social media advertising.
  • Engaging the customer directly is key to a successful social campaign. Customers who engage with the content of social networking sites are more likely to respond and help others as well. This again builds loyalty within the organization and leads to higher brand loyalty. A social network marketing company will be able to analyze the type of behavior of their target market and make changes to their advertising campaigns depending on these findings. For example, if too many people fail to click the likes or shares buttons on their social networking sites, a company may want to take note of this so that they can come up with creative ways of making their advertisements more interesting to users.
  • It is imperative to keep track of how much traffic has been generated by the advertisements posted by a company on different social networks. This is because the success of their social campaign will largely depend on the amount of traffic directed towards their website. Social media allows a company to get feedback directly from their target audience. By analyzing how successful an advertisement was, a company can improve in future and come up with innovative advertisements that will be able to capture the attention of their target audience. Social media also enables a company to compare how well their advertisements were received versus other similar advertisements posted on social networking sites.
  • There are several types of social media that a company can utilize in order to advertise online. These include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. Each of these have their own distinct features that should not be ignored. For instance, in Twitter, a company can post short promotional announcements that will reach their followers within moments of being published. This is especially useful for small online businesses that do not have the budget to buy billboard space in big cities but can utilize this medium instead.

o In Facebook, a company can create user groups that are specifically tailored to the products or services that a company offers. Groups can then be used to communicate with customers and to market new offerings that a company is planning to offer them. Groups can also be used as customer feedback surveys, allowing a company to get valuable data that will help in formulating their marketing strategies. Likewise, in the YouTube business videos posted by members can be viewed by people across the globe. Therefore, using social networking sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook allow a company to expand their market globally and reach a bigger audience than they would have been able to had they tried other marketing strategies.

o In contrast, a business in Twitter cannot promote its offerings unless it has a verified account. A verified status in the popular microblog allows users to see any updates made by the owner of that account. Furthermore, a company can use the @ symbol in their messages on various social media accounts as a way of branding themselves on that network. Lastly, a company must ensure that all marketing strategies for social media are managed professionally, in order to avoid getting into trouble with the social networking sites. A professional representative in the online community can make a huge difference in the online reputation of a company, and therefore should be utilized whenever possible.

How Effective Is Social Media Advertising?

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