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How Do I Sell Digital Downloads?

To sell your digital downloads, you can choose from a variety of platforms. Amazon, Etsy, and Sellfy have different file size limits, but most will allow you to upload as many as 20MB. However, you’ll quickly run out of hosting space and will have to pay for more. Fortunately, you can easily sell your digital downloads on your own website or through an all-in-one platform like Shopify. There are nine steps to get started.


If you want to sell digital downloads on Amazon, you’ve come to the right place. This eCommerce website is specifically designed for this purpose. Unlike physical products, digital files are not shipped to the customer. Instead, they are stored and sold by Amazon, which means that the entire process is very easy. If you’re unsure how to get started, here are some tips:

Firstly, sign up as an individual seller on Amazon. You’ll need to upload your digital products and choose a seller plan. Once approved, you can begin listing. You’ll earn royalties on each sale. This method allows you to keep your profit margin high and to focus more on customer satisfaction. You can also build a community around your products. The benefits of selling digital downloads on Amazon are numerous, and the process is quick and easy.

One of the benefits of selling digital downloads on Amazon is that you can make money from any product, including music, software, photos, and videos. You can choose the format that suits your business best, which means you can create a digital product that can be delivered to customers immediately. Besides making money on digital products, it also helps you diversify your product offering, while making your customers happy. You can also sell physical copies of digital downloads, such as eBooks and digital art.

You should know the rules for selling digital content on Amazon. Make sure to adhere to them and don’t sell restricted products on Amazon. You should also make sure to update the parcel tracking information for customers and make sure to avoid selling forged or counterfeit products. You can learn more about this strategy by checking out Kathleen McLaughlin’s eBook “How to Sell Digital Downloads on Amazon


One way to make money with digital downloads is through marketing. With Etsy, you can leverage a variety of social media networks. Pinterest is an excellent tool for marketing digital downloads. Reach out to your existing networks to see what they are selling. Make sure that your Etsy shop has an SEO strategy in place. Keywords that are popular but have low competition will bring the most traffic.

Another great benefit to selling on Etsy is the ease of doing business. The website has a built-in audience of people looking for your product. It’s also very easy to create a storefront on Etsy, and Etsy can even take care of certain taxes for you. Etsy also puts money into advertising your products for you, which means that you get increased exposure.

As with all businesses, you must dedicate time to your Etsy store. In selling digital downloads, you need to focus on your product rather than competing with other sellers. A professional storefront will give you more control over the click funnel. Your customers will trust your product more if you have a professional-grade store. You will also be able to create unique designs and keep prices low.

Planners and printable stickers are two of the most popular digital downloads to sell on Etsy. Not only are planners and stickers great for planning, but they also make great party favors. Personal finance spreadsheets and budgeting spreadsheets are always in demand as people are trying to get more control of their finances. Digital prints are also an excellent option. Even smaller clipart can be sold.


Selling digital downloads on Sellfy is a great way to make a profit online. It is free and easy to use and allows you to create a storefront without the hassle of a traditional brick and mortar business. However, you must invest some funds every month to pay for your account subscription and credit card processing. It is a great choice for people with no experience or for newbies. Read on to learn more about Sellfy.

When selling on Sellfy, you can use PayPal to accept payments. You must create an account first. Once you have verified your PayPal account, you can create a PayPal payment button on your site. After setting up your PayPal account, choose “Create Payment Buttons for Your Website.” When you have created your button, fill in the details for the button including the company name, price and ID of the product.

With the ability to use PayPal and Stripe, Sellfy offers many features that other e-commerce websites lack, including discount codes, upselling opportunities, and high-quality security. It is also easy to embed into your website. If you’re selling downloadable content, this solution is an ideal choice. It offers a free trial, but after that, you’ll have to purchase a monthly subscription. There are also three paid plans, including the Starter, Business, and Premium plans.

One of the greatest features of Sellfy is its simplicity. It can be set up in less than five minutes and features built-in marketing tools. You can also add large digital files and distribute them up to 10GB per product. There is a built-in email marketing tool to help you grow your list, promote new products, and increase your average purchase value. Another great feature of Sellfy is its ability to integrate with Facebook ad pixels and offer discount codes.


If you’re looking to sell digital downloads, you’ve probably wondered how to sell them on SendOwl. This service is a good alternative to EDD. The service offers a host for your checkout process, which means that security issues are eliminated. Additionally, SendOwl offers affiliate programs that you can integrate with your sales process. Once your customers purchase your products, they’ll be automatically sent to download them. And, thanks to the security features of its platform, you can rest assured that your customers’ information won’t be intercepted by unauthorized users.

To get started selling digital downloads, you first need to sign up for SendOwl. The service is free for 30 days, and you can even create an account for up to thirty products. You’ll need a name, email address, and country to sign up for the free trial, but once you’re onboard, you’ll get a dashboard that displays all the products you’ve created.

SendOwl lets you sell digital downloads through Shopify. The service automatically sends customers a secure and time-limited download link. You can also sell subscriptions and memberships through SendOwl. The best part? The system is completely automated! SendOwl lets you sell digital downloads without worrying about shipping or managing payment processors. The entire process is simple and automated! You’ll be glad you made the switch.

Once your store is set up, you can start selling your digital products! SendOwl supports multiple payment methods, a variety of languages, and excellent file control. Try out their 30-day free trial and see if it’s right for you. You can even start selling digital downloads on SendOwl with just a few products! And you can’t beat that! You can make a full-fledged revenue with SendOwl!


If you’re launching a new business, one of the best options is to use Squarespace for selling digital downloads. This service has all the tools you need to sell your products, and also offers a variety of third-party extensions that you can integrate with your Squarespace site. These extensions include appointment scheduling, discount codes, and Afterpay, so you can offer a more personalized customer experience. You can even sell subscriptions with Squarespace.

Selling digital downloads is an easy process on Squarespace, since it has built-in commerce capabilities. Your customers will receive a secure link to download their purchase, which will expire 24 hours after the first download. Squarespace commerce is included in all Business and Commerce plans, as well as Legacy personal plans. To use Squarespace commerce, you must have an account with PayPal Business, Stripe, or Squarespace Commerce. If you’re not sure which one to use, check out these Squarespace commerce options to make the transition as smooth as possible.

In addition to selling physical products, you can also sell digital downloads, including ebooks, audio files, and other digital downloads. In most cases, a buyer will receive an email link to download the digital download immediately after purchasing the product. If the download link expires within 24 hours, the purchaser will receive a new one via their original purchase email address. To sell physical products, choose the Business or Commerce plan. Be sure to read the Squarespace guidelines to ensure your products comply with federal privacy laws.

Another benefit of Squarespace is its commerce platform, which enables budding entrepreneurs to sell their products. The drag and drop features help people with little or no coding experience create professional-quality designs. Squarespace templates are easy to customize, and they work equally well on mobile devices. You can start selling products with Squarespace by choosing from among the available templates. Choose from templates of all types, including those specifically designed for online stores.

How Do I Sell Digital Downloads?

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