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How Companies Use Social Media For Marketing

The recent boom in social networking has meant big business, and not just online. This media is increasingly used by big retailers to spread word about discounts and new products. A lot of businesses have also started using it as a way to market. One of the more interesting applications of this media is how companies use social media for marketing.

The rise of social media in the UK came through two main factors – sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube were made freely available, and sites were built which allowed users to comment on videos, upload pictures and post messages. These allow companies to create a presence that can be found by customers who are searching for specific products. For example, if a customer searches for ‘guitar shops’ in Google then most people are likely to find a few specialist shops which feature on a high number of search results.

If a company uses social networks effectively then they could tap into this resource, driving more traffic to their websites. However, there is an art to this, one that many small businesses are unaware of. To use social marketing effectively you need to know how companies use social network marketing for marketing. There are a few ways to achieve this, and these are outlined below.

The first and probably the easiest way to get the most from social media is to join a social network yourself, make friends and start promoting your company. A lot of smaller businesses do this successfully. Asking a friend to mention your company on their wall or tweeting about the company with short updates will bring more customers through the door. If you want to add more information about how your company operates then it’s worth creating a Facebook page specifically for this purpose.

The other important tactic is to research your chosen social network and find out if your product or company has anything relevant to share on it. For example, Twitter is great for sharing short clips from product demonstrations. Facebook can feature news stories relating to your product or company. It’s worth researching what your competitors are doing so you can make sure yours is as effective as possible. You may also find that other companies are advertising on a particular social network and finding out how they are getting the most out of it can help you make yours more effective.

Some companies will use video tutorials or music clips in order to market themselves. This is a great way to create excitement about your product, but this must be linked back to your company website in some way. YouTube is a great place to put promotional videos as they allow people to watch them in the comfort of their own home for any length of time. It’s a cost effective method of social media as opposed to television commercials, and you can guarantee that people will notice the small clips.

You could try and build a blog within your social network and promote links from your blog to your website. This will work better in some instances, such as when you already have a Google account. You can then promote specific keywords and phrases within your blog posts. Your post could direct people to your site, or a landing page that contains your products or services. If you don’t have a blog of your own, you could use one of the many free blog service websites online, such as Blogger or WordPress. These sites are easy to set up and usually only require a user name and password to log in.

One of the best ways to learn about how companies use social media for marketing is by trying it yourself. There are no strict guidelines to follow and you can really let your imagination go wild. The point is to provide informative, interesting, and lively content that can really engage your followers. If you do that consistently, you’ll find you will be one of the most successful Internet marketers of them all.

How Companies Use Social Media For Marketing

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