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Google Digital Unlocked Concentrated Marketing

There are many effective ways you can generate much traffic for your website online, and using the proper keyword placement is key to making them all work to the best potential. It’s not just about the keywords you use but also where they are placed in your article that will matter the most. 

Keyword Placement – Key To Success

For anyone who may not know, a keyword is a word or phrase you, or someone else, would type into the computer’s browser to find a certain product or service online.  

For example, if you want to buy a book on gardening, you would type something like “gardening book” into whatever search engine you want to use, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. That is what a keyword is (and it can be more than one word too). 

Now to utilize the keywords in your article, you have to be careful how many times you use the word and exactly where you put it in your article. That’s where keyword placement comes into play.

You don’t want to have the mindset that fifty must be better if one keyword is good. No, the search engines are very smart these days, and they will see through that ploy, and you will be penalized for not having your article rank very well. 

When it comes to where to place your keywords, a good rule of thumb is to place your keyword in the title, the first and last paragraphs, and at least once in the article body. If you have a particularly long article, you can get away with adding it a few more times without having to worry about the search engines banning you for keyword stuffing. 

Now that you have a better idea of what a keyword is and how many times you should put it in your article, you need to know where to find a good list of keywords. 

The first place you should start is with the Google keyword tool. This tool is completely free to use and will provide you with the accurate and up-to-date keyword information. 

Keep in mind that what you are looking for is a list of keywords with a lot of monthly searches with a fairly small amount of competition. Now what constitutes a ‘lot’ of searches and a ‘small amount of competition will vary from niche to niche, so you’ll have to define those terms yourself. 

Once you’re a little more versed in internet marketing and have some money to invest, you may want to buy a keyword tool that can give you even more flexibility and more information than just the amount of searches and competition. 

Many of the paid keyword tools will let you know not only the amount of competition but also how strong those competitors are and how likely some of the keyword phrases are to lead to a sale. That type of information can be extremely valuable in helping you determine what keywords to target and which ones to skip. 

Step one to your successful online business is to find a great list of keywords. Step two is to determine the proper density and keyword placement so that your articles rank high in the search engines.

Keyword Internet Marketing Tips

When starting an online business, keyword internet marketing is very important. People type keywords into the search bar when they are looking for a website that offers the product they need to buy. Knowing the keywords your customers are using and optimizing them on your website will put you miles ahead of your competition.

To find the keywords your customers are using, get yourself a good keyword internet marketing tool. There are many to choose from. Once you understand how to use keywords properly, you can start ranking high on a search engine results page, increase traffic to your website and start making money.

When educating yourself about a good keyword, you will find that a good keyword does not show results in the millions. It would be best if you used keywords that are more specifically targeted to what you are selling. Doing this will rank you higher on the search engine results page, also.

Ranking high on the search engine results page will get more people to click through to your website and more business for you. This is an extremely competitive world, and anything you can do to get an advantage over your competition is beneficial.

Along with the low competition, make sure your keyword has a higher search number as well. The number of customers searching that keyword and the number of websites competing for those customers should be at least 1500 searches per month and under 20,000 competition.

Any keyword you find that shows both of these standards should be a great keyword for you to use. Open up a Notepad file and start yourself with a list. Copy and paste any good keywords you find into your Notepad file. Then they will be ready to plug in when you need them.

Sometimes these keywords are not easy to find, although it is very exciting to find them because now you have something not everyone else knows about.

Keywords that are more specifically targeted to what you are selling are called long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are more than one or two words and even as long as a complete sentence usually describing exactly what the customer is looking for.

Imagine the traffic and sales figures if you are on top of the search engine results page and have these keywords that describe exactly what the customer wants. Boggles the mind! You could be making money, hand over fist, in a very short time with the right keywords. A good keyword research tool can make all the difference in the world.

So, please do yourself a favor and educate yourself on keywords and finding good ones, then put them to good use and optimize your website with them.

Remember one thing though, do not get complacent even if you do find a good keyword, searches and searchers change, and you need to keep tabs on new keywords and then update your website as needed. Using keyword internet marketing correctly will be as good as gold to you and your bottom line.

Keyword Internet Marketing Tool - Make It Right

When looking for a keyword internet marketing tool, and money is an issue, don’t worry; there are many free keyword tools to choose from. You may be thinking you could just come up with your keywords and use them on your website, and the search engines will miraculously find them. Not so. You need good, strong keywords that do get used by everyone and their brother to market their website.

To get your feet wet when starting on your keyword research, you could start with Google’s keyword research tool. As one of the best-known free tools out there, it can get you headed in the right direction and teach you what you need to know to start a successful keyword marketing campaign.

Personal preference plays a big part in our choices in our lives, and finding a keyword internet marketing tool is no different; if you find you do not like Google’s keyword tool, go on to the next one on your list until you find one you like.

Using the right tools will help you get your internet business up and running faster and get the traffic you need to make sales.

Keywords are just that, key. They are the key to opening the door and letting the people looking for your product in. The right keywords, used correctly, are a very important aspect of a successful internet business.

There are several things to keep in mind when starting your keyword research. Choose your keywords carefully. Would you mind making sure they are keywords used by searchers today and are not outdated? Your keyword tool should have a section to help you with this. This way, you can stay current and keep visitors coming to your website.

Use the keywords in articles or a blog on your website. Write your original content or if you do not consider yourself a writer, hire someone who is. Just give them your compiled list of keywords and write the articles or blog posts you need.

Besides Google, some of the other more popular keyword research tools are Market Samurai, Wordstream, and AdGooRoo, to name a few. An awesome paid keyword research tool is Micro Niche Finder.

The paid versions will often offer you a lot more in terms of not just finding a good keyword but also helping you dig down and finding some more obscure yet great keywords. The one problem you will face when using the Google keyword tool is that everyone else is using it. That means that hundreds or more online marketers will use this tool and focus on the same keywords.

For internet marketers, learning how to do effective keyword research is the first step to making serious cash online. When you first start, you probably don’t have much extra cash, and if not, using a free keyword internet marketing tool will work just fine, but as you get more money, you may want to explore all the options available in a paid tool.

Google Digital Unlocked Concentrated Marketing

Google Digital Unlocked Concentrated Marketing

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