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Easy Ways To Make Money SEO Marketing

If you are thinking about affiliate marketing, you are probably wondering what affiliate marketing costs you can expect to incur. The good news is that you can start your very own affiliate marketing business for free or at very little cost. 

Affiliate Marketing Cost Can Be Cheap

Yes, I said free. Though I’ll be honest, that will not get you as far as quickly as if you invested a small amount of money; let me explain why. There are probably thousands of different products and services you could become an affiliate for, but the real trick is getting customers to your website. You need to get a steady stream of hungry customers to your site if you want to make money. 

One of the best methods for generating this traffic is article marketing. That means you write quality, informative articles about the product you are promoting, and when someone reads your article, they can click on a link at the bottom of your article and be taken to your website. Not only is this method free it also has the added advantage of helping you set yourself up as a trusted expert.  

The downside to this method is that many of the article directories (websites that will let you submit articles for publication) won’t allow you to put an affiliate link in your article; you need your domain name. There are some ways you can get around that, such as putting up pages on sites like HubPages and Squidoo, but that’s not as effective as purchasing your domain and hosting. You can buy your domain name for less than $11 a year, and hosting can be less than $10 a month. So, while you can get involved in affiliate marketing for free, if you’ve got even a small amount of money, it can help you get established a little more quickly.

When you’re first starting, you’ll probably hear a lot about Pay Per Click (PPC). This is advertising that allows you to place ads using topic-specific keywords. You will only have to pay for the ad when someone clicks on it and is taken to your site. The amount you have to pay will vary depending on the keyword you’re targeting and is determined by a bidding process.  

PPC has many variables, and if you’re not careful, you can rack up hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Because of the steep learning curve, I recommend anyone new to affiliate marketing start with free marketing methods such as article marketing. They are every bit as effective as PPC, but they won’t cost you anything. Then, when you are making more money and have the time to learn to do PPC properly, you can expand…if you want to.  

Nothing is stopping you from starting your own affiliate marketing business. The affiliate marketing cost is very low (or even free), and the potential rewards are virtually unlimited. Just remember that even though you can start this business with little or no money, if you don’t treat it like a business and learn all you can, you’ll make no money either.

Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool - Using It Right

The AdWords keyword suggestion tool is used by most internet marketers, even if they aren’t running a pay-per-click campaign. This tool is recognized as one of the premier keyword tools around. After all, Google is the top dog for search engines, so who wouldn’t want to get keyword information directly from them?

Picking the right keywords to target your pay-per-click campaign is one of the most important elements you will have to consider. There is a fine line for choosing which keywords to use. If you use a one or two-word keyword, you likely see that they get a ton of monthly searches, but they will also be very difficult to compete with. For most of the smaller online marketers, the bid prices for those keywords will be too high to be profitable.

For most of us, the ‘long tailed’ keywords will work much better. These are keyword phrases that have 3 or more words in them. They can still get many monthly searches (though not as high as the one or two-word keywords), but they will usually have much less competition.

By using the keyword tool, you will have access to a lot of helpful information. You will not only get a list of the top keyword phrases and the average number of monthly searches they get, but you will also be able to find out what the average cost per click (average CPC) price will be for those keywords.

The cost per click will be an estimate since the popularity of the keyword is only one element that determines how much you will pay for each click, but it’s a place to start. You’ll know right away that if you have a daily budget of $50 that a keyword with an average CPC of $10 will probably be out of your budget; even though it might not cost quite that much, it’s more than likely still going to be too expensive for you.

The keyword tool will also give you an idea (it’s just a rough estimate, don’t expect it to be exact) of the amount of competition a given keyword has. That can come in very handy when you’re planning your campaigns.

Another cool thing about this keyword tool is that you can type in your base keyword and be provided with other keywords phrases that are relevant that you may not have even thought of. We cannot think of all keywords associated with our niche market, so it’s nice to have a keyword tool that makes suggestions to give us more ideas.

Besides the sheer volume of potential customers, online the neat thing about the internet is the vast array of free tools you can use for your business. For finding good keywords, the AdWords keyword suggestion tool will work very well.. and it won’t cost you a dime. Use these tips to get the most out of it for you.

Benefits Of PPC Marketing

PPC is one of the most valuable marketing tools available today for web business owners. It is a great way for them to generate traffic and sales quickly to their site. It has proven to be very beneficial to all web business owners, no matter what the size of their business is. There are other significant benefits to running a PPC marketing campaign.

  • First, there is the benefit of financial planning. With PPC marketing, you can set up a daily budget for the amount of money you would like to spend on advertising on any day. If your marketing campaign seems to make you huge revenue, you can increase it any time you feel you are ready. There is no set limit on the amount that you can spend.

  • PPC marketing is a well-planned targeted campaign that you create. You will have the choice of what keywords you would like to use on your site. These keywords will also ensure you get specific traffic to your site based on your product. There needs to be careful planning in this stage of the game to ensure that it takes off successfully.

  • PPC Marketing also has campaign flexibility. PPC will help you accent your product’s brand name and its quality., you can add or remove keywords to your ad campaign to drive even more traffic and sales to your site. You also will introduce any new components to your advertising campaign. This will help you increase your ranks on the search engines.

  • Another benefit of PPC marketing is that you pay for what you get. Remember, with PPC marketing; you only pay for the number of clicks that you receive on your site. Unlike some of the other marketing tools available on the internet today, you will pay for only genuine people who visit your site. These people are looking for your product which is why they clicked on your advertisements. These genuine people are usually the ones that are generating your revenue for you.

  • There is also testing potential that is available with your PPC marketing campaign. If you have launched a new product and would like to know how it will do with the general product, you can do a test run. The number of clicks that you receive on the product will help you know if the product will generate revenue for you or not.

  • A final benefit of PPC marketing is that you can see instant results. A very well-planned and researched PPC campaign can show you instant results.

As you can see, there are many benefits to why you should choose PPC marketing for your advertising needs.

Easy Ways To Make Money SEO Marketing

Easy Ways To Make Money SEO Marketing

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