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Direct Marketing Examples

It doesn’t matter if your business is online or off; no matter what type of business you have, you will need one thing to succeed in customers. When talking about an online business, those customers are your website visitors or traffic.  

Internet Marketing Site – Helpful Tips

To get a steady stream of qualified traffic to your internet marketing site, you’ll want to use several different methods to get traffic; some of these methods are free to use, and some will take time, but the more weapons you have in your marketing arsenal, the more success you will have with your business. 

Here is a short breakdown of some of the most common methods as well as the pros and cons of each kind:

  • 1. Article Marketing.  This is one of the best ways for someone to get started because it’s free to do, but it’s very effective. With this method, all you do is write an informative article centered around your product or service, then submit that article to an article directory online. When writing your article, you will use one keyword phrase (pick a phrase that gets at least 1,500 searches a month but has less than 10,000 competitors) and use that phrase 3 – 5 times throughout the article. Your article should be between 250 – 500 words in length. 

The one downside to this method is that it does take time, and you will need many articles. One or two won’t do it; think more like 50 or more. You can always find someone else to write the articles for you if the idea of writing that many articles give you hives. 

  • 2. Email marketing. To do this, you will need to get an auto-responder. This service will allow visitors to sign up to your newsletter list; they will email you, so you aren’t spamming them. You can send them helpful information over some time and build a relationship with them. 

Then, on occasion, you can send them an email recommending that they buy a certain product or service (a product or service that you’re an affiliate for, so when they buy, you will receive a commission). As long as most of the emails you send them to provide quality information and aren’t all sales pitches, this method works exceptionally well. The only downside is that it does take time to build a list, and you already need a steady stream of traffic to your website; this method doesn’t build your traffic. 

  • 3. Search Engine Optimization. This is simply a way to add some keywords to certain areas of your website to make them search engine-friendly. Again, it relies on you picking out the keywords people will search for when looking for your product or service. Then you incorporate those keywords in certain parts of your website. It’s not that hard, but you will need to learn how to do it or hire someone to do it for you. This method works great, and it’s free (unless you hire someone), but again, it does tend to take a little time to see the results. 

I highly recommend you avoid using paid methods such as Pay Per Click (PPC) for anyone just starting. PPC tends to have a very steep learning curve, and you will have to pay as you learn, which means much money going out and very little, or none, coming back in. If you want to use PPC, wait until the other methods make money for you, then reinvest some of those profits into a PPC campaign. 

Getting traffic to your internet marketing site is job one for most internet business owners; use one or more of the tips I’ve given you, and you can get a lot of great, quality traffic to your website for free, which will expand your profit margin!

Internet Marketing Terms - Quick Definitions

To be successful in any profession, you must learn and fully understand all the terms associated with that profession. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teacher, doctor, lawyer, or internet marketer. Having an online business is no different. Learning internet marketing terms is the first step to building a successful online business. 

Once you have grasped what the terms mean, you need to put the skills behind the terms to work for you. It’s not enough to know what PPC or SEO means; you have to implement those tactics in your online business to make any money (hint, they are both ways of getting more targeted traffic to your website). 

Another thing to consider is the type of online business you are building. Whether you choose to become an affiliate and sell someone else’s product for a commission, or you decide to create your product, the number one skill you will need to perfect is the ability to drive a constant stream of highly qualified visitors to your website. Without a stream of serious buyers for your product or service, you won’t make money, period. 

Here is a brief overview of some of the most commonly used online marketing terms:

  • 1. Article marketing: writing an article about your product or service and using carefully chosen keywords in the article two or three times. These articles can be submitted for free to article directories, and once someone reads your article, they can click on a link that will take them to your offer. 
  • 2. Email marketing: building a list of opt-in email subscribers who sign up to your list with the expectation of getting something in return. For example, many people will offer help or knowledge to anyone who subscribes to their list. This enables the list owner, you, to build trust and rapport with the subscribers. You can automate the process by using an auto-responder which can easily be programmed to send the messages out at a pre-determined time frame.  
  • 3. Pay Per Click (PPC): Another method to get traffic to your website. You can place an ad with any major search engine, and when someone clicks on the ad, you will pay the price. This isn’t a good method for those just starting because it is hard to learn and costs much money. The bottom line, you will spend way more than you make in the beginning. 
  • 4. Search Engine Optimization: using keywords on your website as a way to get the search engines to ‘see’ your site. This, too, can help you get a higher ranking in the search engines, which can provide you with much free traffic. 

There are hundreds of other internet marketing terms you may hear online, but this is a good overview of some of the most common and most important terms you will need to learn to start and grow your online business.

Internet Marketing Tip - There Is No Secret

One of the most common questions I get on my internet marketing blog is people asking me for the secret; they want that one internet marketing tip to help them make money online more money and more quickly. 

The cool thing is that I do have a great trip; it’s just not what they expected. The truth is that internet marketing is a business, and as long as you treat it like a business, you will have success. 

Think about it for a minute; if you were starting a business in the offline world, what would be your first step? Would you throw open the doors and hope for the best? I would doubt it unless you had a lot more money than sense. You would probably learn a lot about the business you were starting long before setting foot in the building. I’m sure you’d learn the skills necessary for success in your chosen field, wouldn’t you? 

That’s one of the things that has always amazed me about an online business; it seems like there is something about the internet that encourages people to throw common sense to the wind. If you want to be successful online, learn the basics before you start your business. 

For most people, the basics would include:

  • 2. After you’ve decided what type of business you want to start, what product or service do you want to sell? Hint: most people do this backward; they pick the product they like and hope to find a market. Instead, find the market and then pick a product that they can’t resist. 
  • 3. Your next responsibility is to learn how to get traffic to your website. Don’t let this freak you out; it’s quite easy to do, and in many cases, it’s free. For right now, only stick with free methods like article marketing and SEO techniques. 

4. Build a list. This is vital, easy, and often overlooked. You see, the fact is that most of the people you get to your website won’t make a purchase the first time they visit, and most won’t ever visit again. To get the most out of your visitors, you want to build trust with them so they will buy from you at some point. 

The only way to do that is to get them to opt-in or sign up to your email list. That way, you can contact them repeatedly for as long as you want, and eventually, they will learn to trust you, and they will buy from you. 

That’s it; that’s all you should worry about right now. It’s all the basics you need to get started, and you can start making money while you learn and expand on your knowledge. Don’t ever stop learning when it comes to your internet business. There are always new methods and techniques you can use to grow your business even higher. 

 That’s the one internet marketing tip that can truly positively impact your online success: learn the basics and then get going. Please don’t hold off doing something until you know it all, and you’ll never know it all. Just get started once you have the basics in place, and you can add to your knowledge over time.

Direct Marketing Examples

Direct Marketing Examples

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