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Business Promotions Tricks Exposed

Using promotional material to expand your brand is a very effective means of branding. Some might say it’s a combination of branding and marketing. You want to promote your business, but you also want to ensure that the item reflects what your brand represents to the consumer.

Success Tips for Using Promotional Material 

  • Buy Quality Merchandise – Unless you want to project “cheap” to your customers, don’t buy cheap stuff. You don’t want them to throw it away; you want them to get used out of it for a long time so that they think of you when they do.
  • Make It Targeted – If your audience consists of pet lovers, make sure the items represent the knowledge they love pets. Pet toys, pet clothing, and t-shirts representing their love of all things pets will go far. Similarly, if they love technology, you want to ensure your promotional merchandise reflects their love of tech.
  • Make It Usable – You want them to use the item that you’re giving away. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of money. This means that you need to know what types of things they need or will use. Will they use a magnetized refrigerator frame or pad for a list?
  • Work with a Consultant – Some consultants work with companies that sell promotional materials or premiums. The consultants can help you figure out what your audience will enjoy receiving and get them at the best price for the quality you want.
  • Consider Sponsorships – A good way to use premiums is to sponsor a child’s sports team or an event. This is a great way to get your name out there into the community and an excellent use for promotional materials.
  • Think Experiences – A lot of businesses don’t think about giving their customers experiences along with things. For example, please give them a shopping spree and t-shirts to wear while on a spree. 
  • Don’t Go by Price Only – The biggest mistake people make when buying promotional materials is to think there is a free ride. If you pick the cheapest priced items, you’ll get things that you cannot even use and that no one else wants to use either.
  • Consider Customer Loyalty Programs – A good use of promotional merchandise is within a customer loyalty program. Let them use points earned by their participation or expenditures for promotional merchandise like t-shirts. 
  • Surprise Customers – When you have a long-term customer who has an anniversary, birthday, or other life event, surprise them with a commemorative item of value that has your logo and information on it.

Promotional items are a great way to brand your business and get your name known in the community. Plus, you can get known as a generous business if you send unexpected and surprising gifts to your customers, contractors, and employees.

The Benefits of Using Promotional Materials

Promotional materials, also called premiums, are products that have your business logo and tagline on them. People use them, wear them, and give them away while spreading the word about your business. They can be used in numerous ways, from sponsorships to gifts to surprise inclusions with a purchase. 

  • Expand Brand Recognition – Having people wear and use merchandise with your logo on it will increase the number of people who notice your brand. When a friend has a hat with your logo on it, they may check out your business and even buy something.
  • Relatively Low-Cost Advertising – TV advertising can be expensive, but promotional products aren’t that expensive when you consider the benefits. You can sponsor a sports team inexpensively, and all the parents will see this logo every game and when doing their laundry. It will keep you at the top of their mind.
  • Great Business Card Replacements – If you want to stand out at your next event, instead of handing out business cards, hand out key chains, bookmarks, t-shirts, hats, balls, bumper stickers, or USB drives. People will remember you because you’ll likely be the only one doing it.
  • People Like Touching Something – In today’s digital world, getting something that can be touched is a revelation. It feels good to touch something that’s real instead of only looking at digital things.
  • Consumers Keep Promotional Materials – When you give usable and targeted items to your audience, they will keep them and use them. This means that they will see the products and logos, maybe even daily, keeping you at the top of their mind.
  • Consumers’ Idea of a Brand Improves – When you have merchandise with your logo on it to give away or even purchase, consumers think more highly of your brand. Think of all the branded items that you buy yourself.
  • Lots of Products to Choose From – Today, you can get almost any type of product with your logo on it due to less expensive manufacturing practices. You can brand everything from clothing to electronics.
  • Improves Sales When Combined – Encourage sales by adding a promotional item when a certain dollar amount has been reached on a particular purchase. You can use a point system or a dollar system.
  • Increase Customer Loyalty – Premiums given as surprises or earned by making certain purchases can greatly increase consumer devotion. They feel special when you give them an extra gift.

The benefits of using promotional materials are almost unquantifiable. Small businesses usually cannot afford TV ads and need to find other ways to get their message out. T-shirts, bumper stickers, window clings, and more offer the business another way to accomplish brand recognition and increase sales.

Tips for Creating Attention-Grabbing Business Cards

Business cards are a tried-and-true method of marketing your business. It’s marketing and promotional material that almost every business owner has but often doesn’t use to its fullest potential. The first step to using a business card right is to create one that you’re proud to show to people.

  • Hire a Graphic Designer – The best way to create an attention-grabbing business card is to hire a graphic designer who has experience creating business cards. You can still use any printer you want once the card is designed. You can try or to find a contractor.
  • Use Color Correctly – You want to use the colors associated with your logo and your brand, but you may need to use them differently to make them readable on a small business card. Try out different arrangements to see what works best.
  • Use Readable Fonts – If your font is not readable, then the card is useless. Print a test from a sample on your computer to determine if it’s readable before getting 100 cards printed. Typically, if you can read it okay that way, it’ll look even better after being printed professionally. 
  • Answer the Right Questions – The card recipient should tell who, why, where, what, and how to do business with the card owner. If people don’t know what you do by looking at the card, the card is useless without you. You want them to know what to do when you’re not around.
  • Try Different Shapes and Materials – Business cards don’t have to remain the same shape; you can get them made as bookmarks and even with other materials like plastic. offers some interesting choices for business cards. 
  • Add a QR Code – Some people think QR codes are dead, but you’ll see that they’re far more popular than in North America if you go to other countries. Putting a QR code on the back of your card will make the recipient curious.
  • Make It Visual – Using graphical images as a background on a card looks special and catches people’s attention better than plain black and white cards without images. Ensure that the print can still be seen.
  • Don’t Print Them Yourself – Nothing is worse than business cards that look like they were home printed and feel like they’re home printed. Spend the money to get them printed professionally. You won’t save that much money by doing them yourself.
  • Don’t Be Cheap – Thicker cards will stand out more than cheap, thin cards. Spend the extra couple of dollars to get a good paper for your business cards. You won’t regret it. The money you save trying to do them alone isn’t worth it.

Creating a business card that looks great is a lot easier today. Even if you can’t hire a graphic designer, you can use a company like or to use one of their templates to create a great card. But, their materials aren’t as good as some of the premium cards you can get from a printer or a place like 

Business Promotions Tricks Exposed

Business Promotions Tricks Exposed

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