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Best Video Ad Networks

Best Video Ad Networks

SelectMedia is one of the leading video ad networks, working with over 650 premium websites in 55 countries. It uses advanced technologies that lead beyond the RTB for normal videos. The network has top-notch publishers and advertisers and is trusted by a number of concerned bodies. It also offers the facility to monetize third-party videos. If you are interested in monetizing your video content, select AdMedia. This network has a strong and growing following on YouTube, as well as other social media networks.


The Viewdeos video ad network helps publishers monetize their videos across multiple platforms. Publishers can access a variety of unique ad formats, including vertical video, mobile VPAID, and ad pods. These formats help publishers achieve higher CPMs. Since its establishment in 2015, the company has brought together more than 300 publishers worldwide. Publishers can expect excellent service and on-time payments, as well as a wide variety of advertising options. Publishers can also access a video player to serve ads on their sites, CDN, and internet hosting.


The Teads video ad network is an outstream video advertising platform. Its inventory is available on the web and mobile devices. It offers a variety of monetization options including programmatic, managed services, and direct purchase. Its headquarters are in New York. The company goes by several other names as well, including Trigami, Ebuzzing, and Amp. All are legal names. The company has more than 450 employees, a hundred members of its innovation team, and 26 offices worldwide.


The VerizonMedia video ad network has a range of integrated tools to help advertisers and publishers get the most out of their video ad campaigns. Its video ad server offers first-party data, yield optimization, and performance insights. Publishers can also run out-stream video ads on their websites. With Verizon Media’s video ad platform, advertisers and publishers can enjoy higher CPMs and yields, as well as increased security and safety.


AdMedia is a video advertising network that uses programmatic advertising to let users monetize third-party content. Its features include a variety of video types, a partner library for video creators, and customizable options for publishers. It also offers a variety of video types and monetization options, so you can make money without uploading any video content yourself. But if you’re unsure about the benefits of AdMedia, we recommend you test the network first.


OpenX video ad network enables publishers to get the most out of their video inventory. With its header bidding solution, publishers can provide a balanced mix of video quality and loading time for advertisers. They can also sell bundles of multiple types of video ads and target specific audiences. OpenX is supported by the majority of video players and ad servers. The ad network is free to join, so there is no reason for publishers to not take advantage of this unique solution.


The HaxHax video ad platform enables publishers to monetize their websites by displaying ads on their video content. The network supports various ad formats and provides comprehensive reporting for publishers. Its technology allows publishers to choose between revenue based on impressions or clicks. The service can be used by publishers of mobile and desktop applications. Some publishers also use HaxHax to combine video and static ads.

Select media

Select Media is a top video ad network that offers premium ad placement on over 650 direct premium sites in 55 countries. Its premium ad platform offers superior yields and inbuilt analytics tools to help publishers maximize yield and impressions. In addition, it offers flexible pricing models. Moreover, it offers fraud-free video advertising and provides quality data. This makes Select Media a top choice for publishers and advertisers from Asia.

Best Video Ad Networks

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