Best Video Ad Networks For Publishers

Best Video Ad Networks For Publishers

If you’re looking for the best video ad networks for publishers, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll take a look at Viewdeos, Teads, SpringServe, and SelectMedia. Which one is the right fit for you? Keep reading to find out. In the end, you’ll be glad you did! Just don’t forget to check out our review of Teads.


Teads is a leading outstream video ad exchange and creator of native video advertising. With its Teads Exchange and third-party service, Teads offers publishers a diverse range of premium inventory. These include display, mobile, and social ads. Teads’ solution for publishers provides a range of tools for video monetization, including real-time reporting and optimization tools. Teads also offers a variety of ad formats and uses artificial intelligence to deliver targeted ads.

The Verizon Media ad network, formerly known as Oath, is another good option for publishers. It offers a self-serve platform and outstream video ads that yield higher CPMs. The company also provides other benefits, such as brand safety tools and syndication services. Among the best video ad networks, Verizon Media is highly recommended for publishers.


While many video ad networks struggle to make a profit, Viewdeos stands out among the rest. Its monetization solutions make it easy for publishers to monetize their content. The company offers various ad formats to choose from, including mobile VPAID, vertical video, and ad pods. Publishers can also take advantage of Viewdeos’ video technology infrastructure and get higher CPMs for their videos. With Viewdeos’ size and scale, publishers can access premium advertisers as well as private deals.

The company offers a white-label DSP solution, which allows publishers to easily set up campaigns on their own. This solution comes with full access to its API, which allows publishers to easily control their platform programmatically. The company works with more than 300 premium publishers around the world. The company also has a platform that allows publishers to monetize third-party videos.


As the leading independent TV ad serving platform, SpringServe has launched BidLink, a new feature that communicates with a publisher’s primary ad server to deliver dynamic programmatic demand insights from integrated video SSPs. Through this integration, publishers can compete with programmatic campaigns and benefit from the benefits of both. BidLink also works with any ad server, including Google’s DoubleClick.

As a leading video ad serving platform, SpringServe allows publishers to optimize yield, control media, and technology for targeted ad serving. The SpringServe platform supports nearly every video ad format and is scalable to meet the needs of any publisher. It also supports A/B testing and inventory routing, while enabling direct connect and Pod and VMAP management. Unlike other video ad networks, SpringServe is a complete ad serving solution, which offers publishers ad optimization, transparency, and automation.


If you’re a publisher looking for a great way to monetize your content, SelectMedia might be the perfect option. They offer a wide range of ad formats, including custom videos. And the best part is, you can design your own video ads. To sign up with SelectMedia, you must have at least two hundred thousand page views a day. Another great video ad network is Teads, which offers publishers active CPM. It’s a global network with a presence in both the US and Europe.

SelectMedia offers several different video formats, including outstream and CTV video ads. They work with leading advertisers and 650 premium websites in 55 countries. They also boast of being a fraud-free network, with a high minimum threshold for joining. SelectMedia has a reputation for offering premium, quality, and fraud-free video ads. If you’re looking for a reliable video ad network, selectMedia is the one for you.


YuMe is a powerful digital video brand advertising solution, providing advertisers with access to targeted audiences. The platform focuses on mobile-web and in-app video advertising, enabling publishers to monetize mobile-web traffic with video ads. Although the platform’s fill rates can be low, it’s an excellent choice for publishers who want to monetize a wide range of mobile-related traffic.

Advertisers can choose between a range of targeting options and get a wide variety of impressions. The platform also offers high-volume premium deals and supports all verticals, including native video and rich media ads. This allows advertisers to maximize their reach and increase their revenue. Furthermore, the company’s transparency is unmatched among other video ad networks. The company provides a number of useful features to make YuMe one of the best video ad networks for publishers.

Verizon Media

If you are interested in monetizing your website, you should choose a video ad network that works with your website’s content. One such network is Verizon Media, which was originally known as Oath. They offer self-serve platforms for publishers to create and place outstream video ads. In addition, they offer brand safety tools and first-party data. Verizon Media works with mid-sized publishers and has a high CPM, making it a good option for many publishers.

The company also offers video monetization through its ad network, which combines multiple monetization strategies. Primis, for example, offers a video discovery engine to show videos in native forms. The company also offers an ad unit that can cover different formats, such as videos and images. AppNexus, a subsidiary of Xandr, is another one of the best video ad networks for publishers. Another one is Spotx, a video first advertising technology, which offers in-content, out-stream, and banner video ads.

Best Video Ad Networks For Publishers