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Best Native Ad Networks For Publishers

Best Native Ad Networks For Publishers

If you’re looking for the best native ad networks for publishers, you need to know what to look for in each one. If you’re just starting out in the world of content marketing, you may not be aware of all of the options available. We’ll review the most popular networks and explain how they can help you make money from your content. Some of the most popular networks for publishers include RevContent, Taboola, and MoPub.


If you run a website with a large community, you should be aware of the new fees that Disqus has implemented for its advertising program. While the basic service is free, publishers will have to pay $10 a month to remove the ads. Disqus has been experimenting with different ways to monetize their commenting platform, but many users have been frustrated by these changes. It has also faced a lot of criticism from publishers.

The Disqus platform reaches over 3.5 million publisher websites, equivalent to 15 billion page views per month and supports 40 languages. The diversity of Disqus-powered sites is as diverse as humanity itself. Publishers can choose from a variety of subscription plans to earn additional revenue. Publishers can also opt for the Disqus programmatic native advertising platform. By using this platform, advertisers can run native advertising campaigns on Disqus-powered websites worldwide.


One of the leading native ad networks for publishers, Revcontent promises to deliver high fill rates and ad placements on different types of devices and geographies. It also offers monetization options across different traffic types, enhanced publisher support, and ad optimization solution that targets the right audience. The ad format promises to load 60% faster than other formats and is fully customizable. Publishers can use the platform to monetize highly engaged email audiences.

A lot of publishers choose to use Revcontent for its ad placements, but there are certain things that should be taken into consideration before implementing it on your site. First of all, you should check whether the publisher’s ad placements meet their policies. If it does not, you should consider submitting a different ad placement. Revcontent has a dedicated account management team to assist you.


Taboola is an ad network that connects brands with publishers and enables them to reach a highly engaged audience through content recommendations. It has over a billion monthly users and enables publishers to make ad revenue by offering native ads. The platform has more than 100 million publishers and advertisers. The network is also the largest in online content discovery and audience acquisition. Its network includes brands like USA Today, Bloomberg, CBS, and more.

As a publisher, you should find a native ad network that allows you to test the performance of your content. A good native ad network should support multi-variant testing so that you can test different variations of creative elements to see which ones perform best. This will increase the frequency of winning ads and improve the integrity of campaign tests. In addition, a good ad network should also offer even traffic allocation for testing. This will ensure that every creative execution gets a fair shot before making major ad buys. Lastly, a good native ad network will offer publishers deep resources and support.


Publishers can now work with multiple native ad sources on their website using MoPub’s mediation feature. Formerly, publishers had to manage several ad networks, but now they can use one SDK to implement multiple sources. MoPub also offers video advertising. Publishers can use the platform’s advanced integration technology to track video ad performance statistics and optimize ad placements.

The company’s platform offers advertisers unparalleled reach in emerging local markets. It also offers publishers a private marketplace and the highest CPM for inventory. MoPub offers a multi-step approach to protect their publishers from fraud, including publisher vetting, proactive post-bid prevention monitoring, and policy enforcement through Twitter’s global Policy Operations organization. The company partnered with EngageYa, a company that specializes in user retention and native advertising, and generates more than 40 billion impressions per month.


Outbrain is a native ad network that allows you to serve advertisements to your site visitors. This network is made up of several media types including video, audio, and images. Its ad format is highly targeted and offers the advertisers an opportunity to increase user engagement. The network also uses behavioral targeting to increase engagement. You can choose to display an ad that is either video or image and can last for six to 120 seconds.

Outbrain is one of the most popular native advertising networks that helps publishers reach a wider audience. Their network features advertisements on some of the most popular websites, including Fortune, The Washington Post, CNN, Atlantic Media, ESPN, and MSN. In addition to being a popular ad network, Outbrain has an extensive affiliate program. The affiliate program gives publishers the opportunity to connect with large, premium publishers.


If you’re looking for a new revenue stream, you may want to try native advertising. It’s proven to be effective and is a growing source of revenue for many publishers. Redirect offers a range of native advertising options, including highly-specific targeting, real-time bidding, and flexible ad placements. Redirect’s ad formats range from responsive banners to social feeds. Publishers can also choose from exit popups, custom formats, and email newsletters. The goal of a Redirect ad is to be a seamless experience for the consumer.

Redirect’s platform also has a large publisher base, which means it’s an ideal choice for publishers with a large amount of traffic. Publishers can select the ads based on their content, topic, and intent. In addition, more relevant ads lead to higher conversion rates and a faster discovery of content. Many publishers have found that too many ads can negatively impact a visitor’s experience. As a result, more web visitors are using ad blockers to limit the number of advertisements on a website.

Best Native Ad Networks For Publishers

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