Best Native Ad Networks For Advertisers

Best Native Ad Networks For Advertisers

There are several types of native advertising networks. Some networks are more effective than others for certain types of content, while others are better for certain types of products. To determine which is right for your business, know your audience and then use more than one network. Some advertisers even use more than one network for their campaigns, as different audiences respond differently to different types of advertising. There are a few things you should consider before choosing a native advertising network.


Aside from offering high-quality traffic, Revcontent is also known for its granular targeting options and real-time reporting. These features help publishers increase their traffic and sales while simultaneously maximizing their revenue. The Revcontent platform also has a dedicated account management team that provides ongoing support and guidance. This combination allows advertisers to scale up faster and increase their revenue. Revcontent offers several ad placement options that fit various verticals.

In terms of placement, Revcontent’s recommendation units appear in a variety of places, including in-feed and below editorial content. While most of the time, they are classified as ads or stacked ads, the design of these units allows for full customization. This guarantees a seamless experience for readers. Brands with high brand awareness should consider using Revcontent for their ad campaigns.


The Outbrain network offers an opportunity for marketers to reach a broader audience. It publishes ads on major websites like Fortune, BBC, The Washington Post, CNN, Atlantic Media, ESPN, and MSN. Outbrain also accepts affiliates. The ads run on a network of more than 850 million unique visitors per month. Its strict approval policies mean that only the best-written content will be displayed to users.

In theory, this type of advertising is quite simple: a user visits a website, the Supply Side Platform sends bid requests on behalf of the publisher, and the Demand Side Platform (DSP) responds with bids. The SSP then selects the winning bid and configures the native ad. It all takes a fraction of a second. Outbrain offers a variety of native DSPs, but Zemanta is the most popular among advertisers.


There are two main types of campaigns available in the Taboola native ad network: automatic and manual. Automated campaigns have a higher click-through rate and tend to generate more revenue than manual campaigns, but they can be expensive, especially if they’re not optimized for mobile. Regardless of the type of campaign, automatic campaigns are great for smaller websites or blogs. The other type of campaign is referred to as “sponsored posts,” which are inserted at the end of the article.

Native ads are the most effective type of content, as they appeal to readers in many ways. They have high click-through rates and can be found in many different places on the internet, including general news feeds and personalized native ads on premium sites. They help advertisers reach their marketing KPIs and promote exclusive white-hat offers. Taboola is currently one of the largest advertising networks, with millions of advertisers and over 400 partner sites.

Yahoo Gemini

If you’re looking to get more exposure for your brand in the social media space, you might want to consider implementing the new Yahoo Gemini native ad network for marketers. This new platform offers advertisers complete control over their ads. For example, unlike Google, which aggregates desktop, mobile, and tablet ads into a single Enhanced Campaign, Yahoo Gemini separates mobile browser ads from mobile app ads. This allows you to implement a more granular ad strategy. Yahoo Gemini has standard targeting options like broad and exact matching, negative keywords, day parting, and more. The network is constantly adding new features and functionality.

To implement Yahoo Gemini, you need to link your account to Brax. Once connected, you’ll be prompted to connect your first ad network account. Sign in using OAuth or enter your Yahoo login details. Once you’re signed in, you can manage your campaign through the dashboard. You’ll be able to see how your ads are performing and see which ones are working best. Once your campaign has been approved, you’ll be able to track it in Brax and optimize it based on the information provided in the dashboard.


The Plista native ad network for publishers was established to provide a more effective way for advertisers to reach consumers. This network combines native advertising with the power of search in a single place. Its inventory of editorial spaces is extensive, and advertisers have a choice of ad formats. These can range from Full-Screen Ads to Video Ads and Scrolling Boxes.

For publishers and advertisers, the Plista native ad network provides an incredibly high level of transparency. Its dedicated managers are on hand to assist with questions and concerns. Plista works with more than 1,500 publishers worldwide and has over 60 million users. The Plista network charges advertisers based on cost-per-click. Plista’s goal is to increase brand awareness and revenue through targeted advertising. Its unique technology gives advertisers the ability to target audiences based on their interests and behaviors.

Best Native Ad Networks For Advertisers