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Alternative Ad Networks

Alternative Ad Networks

If you’re not happy with AdSense’s low revenue share, you may want to look into alternative ad networks. In this article, we’ll talk about PopAds, Bidvertiser, Sovrn, and Infolinks. These alternatives offer higher revenue share. They also pay faster than AdSense. But, which one should you use? Here’s a quick overview. Read on to learn more.


Infolinks is a PPC based ad network that offers its services to over 100k publishers. As an advertiser, you can easily sign up with this network, but you have to go through the approval process before you can start serving ads on your website. Luckily, the approval rate is high. Nonetheless, it might take some time for you to make a decent income from Infolinks.

As of today, Infolinks is the third largest ad network. The network offers a variety of ad solutions for both advertisers and publishers. Infolinks pays its affiliates within 45 days and makes payments via Paypal, Check, or Bank Wire. The network also offers Payoneer for Nigerian bloggers. Nevertheless, you may find the terms and conditions to be too restrictive for your website.


There are many benefits to using a PopAds alternative. This ad network allows publishers to customize the content of their advertisements and opt out of certain types of advertising. It also has a dynamic market, excellent support, and exceptional security. Furthermore, it offers advertisements from over 50 countries. In addition, you will find its guiding plan to be simple to follow. To maximize your revenue, you should consider using this ad network.

As a publisher, you’ll be paid by CPC or CPM based on the number of times your ads are viewed. The minimum payout is $5 and you’ll receive your payment via PayPal or Payoneer. In addition, you can withdraw your earnings anytime within 24 hours. If you are wondering whether Adbuff is worth it, you should check its payout policy. If you meet the minimum payout amount, you’ll get paid within 24 hours.


If you want to promote your ads without having to deal with the hassle of AdSense, Sovrn is a good alternative ad network. You can choose what eCPM rate you want to receive, use back up ads or Google Adsense as a passback ad, or show a 100% fill ratio of Sovrn’s ad units. The best part is that Sovrn pays for the PayPal fees and there is no need to file tax information with the company.

Another advantage of Sovrn is its wide range of ad units and sizes. This network supports desktop, tablet, and mobile platforms. They support the standard IAB ad sizes, as well as the traditional 728×90 size. The CPMs on Sovrn are around $2, and their win rates are higher than average for US traffic. If you are a marketer and would like to try Sovrn out, consider getting a free trial account today.


Bidvertiser is a popular alternative to Google AdWords and other ad networks that offer banner ads on websites. There is a minimum payout threshold of $10 and a variety of ad formats to choose from. You can withdraw your earnings in PayPal or wire it to your bank account. Bidvertiser also offers a wide variety of advertising formats, including video ads, in-text ads, pop-under ads, Smartlinks, and slide-ins. Its ad format offers many benefits and low minimum payouts.

Another benefit of using an alternative ad network is the ability to control your ads. Ad units on Bidvertiser can be highly targeted and offer more options than the standard AdSense ads. Publishers can customize and target their ads to generate higher revenue and traffic. Bidvertiser allows publishers to target their ads by geography, keywords, or channel. Bidvertiser offers full coverage of desktop and mobile devices. Bidvertiser also offers mobile-friendly ad formats and native advertising.

Rocket Fuel

For those looking for an alternative ad network that works on a programmatic model, consider Rocket Fuel. This self-serve DSP has the ability to predict marketing actions in real-time. It also has its own Data Management Platform, allowing marketers to see campaign data in a granular level. In March 2013, Forrester Research published a report claiming that Rocket Fuel’s programmatic technology delivers an average ROI increase of 229% for ad agencies.

In addition to offering ad inventory sourced from more than 20,000 advertisers, the network also boasts sophisticated analytics tools. Its recent acquisition of Sizmek LLP demonstrates that it is making smart investments in machine learning. As such, the combined network could be a great opportunity for investors, especially given its low valuation compared to established players. This acquisition is not without risk, however. Rocket Fuel faces significant competition from rivals such as Google, so it may not be worth an investment yet.

Alternative Ad Networks

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