World of BlackBerry Reached a New Horizon with its Smartphone BlackBerry Torch 9850

“We are the BlackBerry Boys”, indeed there are many of them in the world and you can surely be one of them. BlackBerry has not been the multi-faceted brand to all but have managed to hold its separate grounds with a unique feel. Smartphones are a cult in today’s modern world and if you do not have one, then you surely are out of the upgraded world. There are some prominent distinctions of BlackBerry in the world of mobiles. They hold the same for all and keeping that in mind have launched the smartphone BlackBerry Torch 9850. Satisfying the needs of a common-man, Torch 9850 offers extensive usage along with the brand feel of BlackBerry. The common features that are found in every BlackBerry include the following:

  • Sturdy and Steady – BlackBerry is known for its strong handsets and a sturdy design more rather than for introducing new technology specific products. The performance may lack, comparing it to other ones in market, but the strong and steady handset quality will always remain the same with every handset of BlackBerry.
  • Menu Keys – The BlackBerry Key which is the main symbolization of the brand is always present on top of the front panel forever. The 5 dedicated keys on the front panel have been the same for all the BlackBerry phones till now.
  •  BBM – The new technology on BlackBerry that is connecting people to others in social mannerism is BBM. This is a unique identification code of your profile on BlackBerry containing your details. You just need to hold your device in front of your friend’s device and the BBM codes will be transferred just as you use the Bluetooth technology. This has become a famous concept in today’s date.
  • Brand Quality – BlackBerry has been the brand since its launch in the market. There have been many competitors but maintaining a distinctive pace for all these years and still managing to do that in a good way is a task that is not easy for all brands. Flagships of BlackBerry have been a strong reason for that along with the customer response in a global way.
  • Price – BlackBerry are a premium brand and their phones are relatively expensive, added to which the Torch 9850 the flagship model so it is not cheap coming in at over £300 in the UK, before ordering it is always best to look for the cheapest deals on a site like

BlackBerry 9580 has some stunning features which have revolutionized the whole picture of BlackBerry in market today. Torch 9580 is the highest rated BlackBerry in market because it is the leader in highest resolution in BlackBerry mobiles. Along with that, it is synchronized with BB 7 OS which is the next generation optimized mobile OS. Browsing the web on HTML 5 concepts was never this fun as it is with Torch 9580. Security essentials have been another strong hold in the mobile arena for BlackBerry. Maintaining a separate consortium, BB manages to keep your data safe and secure from any kind of damage or loss.

Track-pad navigation along with 3G support makes it a fast pacer in mobile world. Various connectivity options are present to make sharing and transferring easy for all. This includes Wi-Fi along with Bluetooth Version 2.1 support andMicroSDcard for extending the storage space. BlackBerry is here to stay in the market for genuine reasons bringing new horizons in a casual manner.