About Us

We are a group of individuals who are passionate about the Blackberry Playbook. We created this group for our appreciation of the Playbook and vision of what it could be.
After DevCon 2011 in October, RIM released their BETA OS2.0 for the playbook which include several new tools for the SDK/NDK, programming languages, and, of course, the Android Player baked right in.  Shortly thereafter, the forums were abuzz about what could be done with this new BETA, how to get Android apps install, etc…
The community already had their appetitte teased with the leaked Android Player earlier in 2011 and the release of the ‘DDPB’ installer, but now there was a whole new world of opportunities available.
Within less than a day, the post appeared with very quick and simple directions for users to easily convert Android APK files to Playbook BAR files.  Suddenly, the flood gates were now open and the list of applications being converted started to flood in, as did requests for those who ‘got it’ to do it for them.  Less than 12 hours later, the list became too much for one person to manage alone, so a Google Doc was created based on a Google Form where visitors could submit their requests and updates.