Things You Need to Know about a Blackberry

Blackberry is such a phone which is highly popular and millions of people are using it, all over the world. Despite using the phone, a lot of people are not aware of all the facilities and all the intricacies that are available in a Blackberry. If you are also one of them, then it is mandatory, that you gather information on this topic. It will help you to understand your phone better and use it better. Here you are going to get some information about the Blackberry phone you are using. The points you need to know are,

  • Each of the Blackberries has a unique number which is known as the PIN number. This number cannot be changed; it is sort of the identity of the phone you are using. When you are buying a new Blackberry, you must find out the PIN number.
  • The Setup Wizard has many other functions, but in the initial stage what you need to know is, it will help you to remove the unwanted language from the phone. A Blackberry comes with quite a few pre loaded languages and they take up memory. If you remove them, you will get more in-built memory.
  • The Blackberry keypad is designed in a way, for which using both your thumbs will provide you the best typing speed. So, you must be using your thumbs instead of the index finger. You will get better speed and better texting experience this way. Knowing this beforehand will help you to use the phone more efficiently.
  • There is an option called AutoText. Using this option will speed your texting. This way you will also get rid of the common miss-spelling problem. This way you can go on typing without thinking much and it will help you to send the texts within a very short time. It is convenient and helpful.
  • Some of the typing shortcuts are there which will help you to type easily and without wasting time. If you have been using some other phone before buying the Blackberry, then it can prove a little problematic, but once you have adapted the styles, you will be feel the ease of typing.
  • You will have a hoard of multimedia features in your Blackberry phone and you will definitely like to use them. You need a memory card to store the files you are downloading or creating, because if you do not do that, the phone will start deleting entries as the memory will get filled up.
  • If you want to fill up the Blackberry with pictures, music and such files form your PC, all you have to do is to connect the phone with the PC through a USB cable. The PC will then treat it as another drive and you can easily drag and drop anything there.
  • If you install Blackberry software in your PC, it will help you to move the audio and video files quite easily to the phone.
  • To make your Blackberry more useful, it is better to install some software like Google Maps, Viigo, Facebook and such in the phone.
  • By using the ringtones, themes, wallpaper and such you can easily personalize your Blackberry.

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