Things You can do with Your Blackberry

There are many things that you can do with a high end smartphones these days. If you are well aware of the facilities that your Blackberry offers, then you can easily use all those facilities to your advantage. You can capture photos, shoot videos, listen to music, and watch videos and many such things with your phone. These are some of the most common features which are available in almost all the cell phone these days. Apart from these common features, there must be some other things which have made Blackberry such a popular device all over the world.

This device will help you to achieve things which are not possible with the regular phones and with a lot of high end smart phones. That is the reason why Blackberry has gathered such popularity and fan base all over the world. Here you will get to know about the things that you can do with your Blackberry. Hopefully the information will help you.

  • With your Blackberry you can extend your vacation. If your office is large enough, so that your physical presence is not necessary, then you can complete the work from a sunny beach or a windy porch. You can manage your files; create new MS word or office files, send emails and keep in touch with your team. In short, you can do your work while enjoying the other attributes of life.
  • If you think that your boss is suspecting you are not in your desk and is designing a plan to catch you, then you can use the GPS system. You can help your boss locate where you are and this way end the dilemma for once and for all. You can use the same system to track others too.
  • You need to turn off your phone for some time. If it is too hard for you, then also you need to do that. You cannot ruin a family dinner or a romantic long drive by bringing work into it. If you are worried about losing data and the feeds, then opt for a soft reboot, instead of a hard one.
  • You can make turn your Blackberry into a time managing device. There are many time management applications available in the market. You can easily download one of them and it will measure the time you are spending do different works. This way, you will get a nice idea about the time you are working and by managing it better, you can work more efficiently.
  • You can measure the calories you are gaining everyday. This can be really helpful for you to keep a tab on your diet and also help you to lose that extra poundage.
  • You can load as much ringtones and songs and pictures and videos you want. The only thing you have to ensure, that you have a micro SD card with large space. This way, you will have all the required and favorite things near to you always.

These are some of the things that you can manage with your Blackberry phone, the rest of the facilities you have to find out yourself.

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